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The Club publishes a monthly newsletter that contains the Activity program with details of upcoming events and Club meeting dates. Club members are invited to submit articles about recent walks, photos, poems or recipes suitable to camping or long trips, which will be published with acknowledgement of the author. Members may also include items about non-Club trips in the Bulletin board.

Submissions should be emailed to the .

Bulletin board items should be emailed to the .

The CBC Newsletter is called "it " and is published every month except January. The electronic version is in PDF format and can only be viewed with "Acrobat Reader" version 6 (or later) by Adobe or similar program. The latest version of this reader (free) can be downloaded from the Adobe site.

Prospective members can download a sample newsletter by clicking the link below.

When a new issue is published, an email is sent to all members containing a link to the current Newsletter. Just click on the link in the email and the Newsletter will display after a few moments. You do not have to log-in using this method. If you aren't getting emails from the club please contact the .

If you change your email address make sure to update this on your personal member page profile.

The current newsletter is also available for members to download from the members only area. This also provides access to an archive of past newsletters. Clicking on the it button below will take you there. However, unless you are already logged in, your user name and password will be required to do this. If you don't have these yet go to the member instruction page. If you have forgotten them email the .


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