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  • Links to Canberra outdoor organisations


    There are several other organisations in the Canberra region that offer outdoor activities. Roll over the links to see what the sites are about and, if one interests you, click on the name to visit that site.

  • Kosciuszko Huts Association

    The Kosciuszko Huts Association provides information on the maintenance, use and restoration of the Australian High country huts used by bushwalkers and skiers in the Snowy Mountains.

  • Canberra Cross Country Ski Club
    ski club

    The Canberra Cross Country Ski Club promotes interest in cross-country skiing and friendship among people who enjoy cross-country skiing, as well as educating, training, coaching and encouraging members of the Club. The CCCSC ski-touring program comes free with membership and swings into action as soon as the snow falls.

  • ACT Rogaining
    rogaining club

    Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross country navigation. Rogaines are generally day and night events in which teams of two to five travel on foot, navigating by map and compass. Events range in time from 6 to 24 hours. Teamwork, endurance, competition, and an appreciation of the natural environment are features of the sport.

  • ANU Mountaineering Club
    mountaineering club

    The ANU Mountaineering Club is involved in a large range of outdoor activities; bushwalking, snowshoeing, canyoning, climbing, cycling, kayaking, rogaining, orienteering, cross country skiing and mountaineering. The club runs weekend trips and weekly events for a wide range of fitness and experience levels.

  • Brindabella Bushwalking Club

    The Brindabella Bushwalking Club (formerly Family Bushwalkers Inc) offers day walks on weekends as well as longer pack walks. The club also operates short, slower paced and very easy walks suitable for families with young children. On some of these, use of strollers will be possible. Walks may be in Canberra bushland, typically two hours duration, or outside Canberra, typically a half day duration, often including a picnic lunch.

  • ACT National Parks Association

    The National Parks Association of the ACT promotes national parks and the protection of our fauna and flora, scenery, natural features and cultural heritage. They do this by lobbying and by hands-on work parties. Outdoor activities include field trips, work parties, day walks and longer pack walks, and car camps, to enable members to better appreciate and enjoy the natural phenomena and cultural heritage.

  • ACT Walking for Pleasure
    walking for pleasure

    Exercise in a social atmosphere and enjoy Canberra's network of open spaces, parks, lakes and forests. Walking For Pleasure is a community organization which aims to increase levels of fitness through recreational walking.

  • Links to other bushwalking organisations in Australia

    other organisations

    From these links you can find out about any bushwalking club in Australia. Roll over the links to see what the sites are about and, if one interests you, click on the name to visit that site.

  • Bushwalking Australia

    Bushwalking Australia does the things that can't be done by individuals and walking groups acting alone, through liaising with government and non-government organisations at a national level to develop advice, guidelines and policies on a range of topics relevant to walking.

  • Bushwalking NSW

    Bushwalking NSW is the peak body representing 63 Bushwalking Clubs and 9000 members across NSW and the ACT. It promotes the adoption of sound environmental conservation practices, informs member clubs about relevant track and access issues, promotes inter-club social activities, and engages in safety training.

  • Bushwalking Victoria

    Bushwalking Victoria has been the peak body representing bushwalkers in Victoria since 1934 with a membership of about 80 member clubs and 7000 members. Its aims are to promote bushwalking, engage in activities that add value to the community and proactively represent the interests of recreational bushwalkers.

  • Walking SA
    walking sa

    The Walking Federation of South Australia is the peak body representing bushwalkers in that state with about 40 member clubs. It aims to promote walking as a healthy, life-long activity and to ensure that walkers have access to areas of high natural and scenic values.

  • Bushwalking Queensland

    Bushwalking Queensland Inc. is a non-profit community organisation that represents the interests of bushwalkers and its 26 affiliated clubs in Queensland. It is managed by a Committee of representatives from those affiliated clubs.

  • Federation of WA Bushwalkers

    The Federation of Western Australian Bushwalkers Inc is the peak body representing bushwalking interests in that state, with about 900 members across 9 different clubs. It monitors legislation which may affect the interests of bushwalkers, lobbies organisations and directs public opinion to improve and preserve of the bushwalking environment, as well as providing a forum for sharing ideas.

  • NSW National Parks Association

    The National Parks Association of NSW is a non-government conservation organisation that seeks to protect, connect and restore the integrity and diversity of natural areas in NSW through campaigning, community activities and bushwalking.

  • Links to walking websites of club members


    Several of our club members have their own websites describing walks around Canberra and beyond. Roll over the links to see what the sites are about and, if one interests you, click on the name to visit that site.

  • Johnny Boy's Walkabout Blog
    walkabout blog

    John Evans' website - provides an immense resource for the Canberra bushwalker. There are descriptions and downloadable GPS track maps of nearly 900 walks around Canberra, as well as lists of huts, waterfalls and other natural and manmade features, complete with photos. Everything you need to plan a walk in the Canberra area can be found here. Regularly updated.

  • Quentin's Bushwalking Website
    quentin moran

    Quentin's website contains information about some great bushwalks and his favourite national parks in the Canberra region. It also contains pictures taken by Quentin on specific walks.

  • Feral Kaza

    Karen Cody's website - provides access to her log of bushwalking and cross country ski trips undertaken over the last 6 years, including some classic long-distance walks such as the Australian Alpine Walking Track, theHeysen Trail and the Larapinta Trail. It also contains useful information on gear, food, safety and navigation.

  • Photodiary of a Nomad

    David and Pennie Briese's website - contains descriptions and many photos of over 200 well-known and lesser known walks, covering over 7500 km of tracks in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Turkey, the Himalayas and the Andes. A useful resource for those who want to get a feel for a track before they walk it. Regularly updated with new walks and the odd canoeing, kayaking, cycling or other adventure.

  • Gang-Gang Photogallery

    A set of different photo albums containing selected photos from a section of Photodiary of a Nomad. Each album contains larger, higher resolution photos of different walks / trips, which highlight the landscapes that they pass through.

  • Links to other useful and interesting sites


    Find out about walks in Australia and the world, download tracks, visualise a track on Google Earth. Roll over the links to see what the sites are about and, if one interests you, click on the name to visit that site.

  • John Chapman Bushwalking
    john chapman

    A site by John Chapman about bushwalking and wilderness photography in Australia. It gives information on selected bushwalking tracks and ski-touring in Australia, as well as details of John's guide books and the latest update notes for those books.

  • Every Trail

    This is the largest repository of track maps (walking, biking, canoeing and more) on the internet. If you register you can view the tracks on google earth or download track files for your GPS.

  • GPSies

    A German site which has an extensive repository of track maps from around the world. They can be viewed or downloaded for your GPS. It also has one of the best features on the internet for drawing your own maps or converting between file formats if you are a mapping or GPS aficionado.

  • Best

    A compendium of "the best walking tracks in the world" and a catalogue of resources needed to get there and do the walk. If you think your favourite track should be here, they will add it.

  • New Zealand Tramper

    If you are planning to cross the Tasman and do some tramping, this site is an absolute must. The benchmark of walking sites, it provides an enormous amount of information on different walking trails in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

  • Walkopedia

    Walkopedia is an interactive directory of the world's best walks and hikes. It has a continually growing collection of walks and hikes, and aims to provide good travel writing about and pictures of each walk described, as well as information to help prepare for expeditions. Walkopedia seeks contributions about new or existing walks form readers.

  • Bushwalker magazine

    'The Bushwalker' is the official magazine of Bushwalking NSW. One aim of the magazine is to keep our members informed of current events and other relevant information. Another aim is to inspire both members of Confederation clubs and non-members to go bushwalking. The magazine is published quarterly and distributed free to affiliated clubs.

  • Australian Alps National Parks
    australian alps

    This web site is hosted by the Australian Government and managed by the Australian Alps national parks Co-operative Management Program. It provides information about the National Parks, reports, publications, news updates and links to related organisations and interest groups.


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