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The Members Only page can only be accessed with your Personal Username and Password. This measure has been introduced to improve the security of the page which now contains the modified Membership List as well as copies of all Newsletters (including the current one) and other information restricted to members only. It is also much easier for you to remember a Personal Username and Password which never change. If you don't have yours yet follow the instructions below.

Instructions for obtaining a Personal Username & Password for the Members Only page

Send an email to the and include the following information...

1. Username: If you want anything other than the first part of your email address (i.e. the part before the @ sign) then please specify your preference.

2. Choose a Password bearing in mind the following restrictions apply...

- it must be 5 to 14 characters long
- must not contain spaces, colons, or foreign characters
- must not contain the Username
- should be something you can easily remember. However, you should NOT use any secret password such as one you use to connect to the internet or do internet banking or protect any sensitive data!

3. If your email address has changed since your last renewal please include your current email address so we can update our Mailing Lists. Also, as many members now have more than one email address (often home and work), please take this opportunity to advise the Membership Secretary if you wish to have a second email address recorded.

You will be informed by email when your personal Username and Password have been activated. This is a manual process and is done in batches so you may not receive the notification for a few days.

Have you forgotten your Personal Username and Password?
If you have received your Personal Username and Password but have since forgotten them, you can have them emailed to you automatically provided they were created prior to September 2009 - see below. If your credentials were created after that time you will need to email the .

To have your credentials emailed automatically to you, click on this link: Email me my personal Username and Password. Enter your email address when prompted and click the Submit button. Provided your email address is known to us AND your membership is recorded as current, your Username, Password and any membership expiry month will be emailed to you within a few moments.

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The picture at the top of this page is a eucalyptus grove in the Gungahlin Hills Nature Park. The Canberra Nature Parks form a belt of natural vegetation around the city where the residents can walk and escape the urban environment (photo John Evans).