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Wednesday 14 September - Wednesday Walk

The regular mid-week walk series continues, close to Canberra with a destination to be decided. Contact the leader before 8pm Tuesday to find out destination and meeting place. Leader: Allan M.

Saturday 17 September – Palerang M/R

We’ll visit Palerang, the central mountain of the new council with the same name. Going in from the Braidwood-Bombay end we follow the Bombay Fire Trail, visit point 1059 and traverse the rocky ridges of Palerang itself to return via the Mulloon Fire Trail.Maps: Bombay 1:25 000. Leader: Gösta L Transport $15

(16) 17-18 September- Captain Starlight and Macquarie Rivulet weekend (Sat M/E, Sun S/M)

 Drive to Bundanoon Youth Hostel Friday night.  Two contrasting walks over the weekend.  Sat is the Starlight Trail, all on track with some steepish bits, 400m total climb.  Splendid views, spectacular cliff lines and a lovely green spot by the Nattai River for lunch.  5hrs actual walking.  On Sunday, follow a pretty creek at the base of the Macquarie Pass, 1 1/2 hrs off track walking in the creek bed, 3 ½ hrs actual walking, then to the Pig and Whistle for coffee before home.  A combined everyone bring something meal on Sat night in the hostel.  Map: Hill Top&Robertson 1:25,000. Leaders: Diana T and Stan Marks 6254 9568 (h), 6274 7350 (w), or Bookings to Stan. Transport: ~$35, Accommodation: ~ $45

Saturday 24 September - Mt Carrialoo - M/M-R

A walk from just beyond Fitzroy Falls to a cliff-girt mountain with great views over Kangaroo and Yarrunga Valleys. Mostly on McPhails Fire Trail (possibly becoming overgrown in the rainforest), with a fair bit of scrub and a little scrambling too. The wildflowers should be good on the tops. Map: Bundanoon 1:25,000. Leader: Jeff B. Transport: ~$25-30. Limit 12.

(23), 24, 25 September Royal National Park (M/E)-

This is a walk over 2 days that traverses the length of Royal National Park and covers about 27 km. We head off Fri evening and stay overnight at the Wollongong YHA. On Saturday drive to Otford, where we will leave our cars before catching the train to Cronulla to board the Cronulla-Bundenna ferry. From Bundeena we walk to Garie’s Beach and stay overnight at Garie’s Beach YHA. Have booked entire YHA for the evening. Sunday we walk out to Otford to our cars, and then head home to Canberra. Maps: Port Hacking and Otford. Leader: Barry K Transport: $40-$50. Accommodation: Fri – $25 , Sat $15. Limit of 10.

(24) 25 September - Mt Nibelung - M/R

A day walk to a rarely visited peak in the central Budawangs with breathtaking views of the Castle, Clyde Gorge and the Monolith Valley. We drive to the starting point Saturday afternoon and camp by the Yadboro River for an early start Sunday. Map: Corang 1:2500 or CMW Budawangs. Leader: George C. Transport: About $28. Limit of 8.

Saturday, 1 October - South Black Range (M/E-M/part X)

From the Forbes Creek track head, follow the trail north through attractive open forest to South Black Range trig point with its enormous rock for morning tea, then off track along an open ridge back to the track. Then loop around private property east of the trig to rejoin the track and return to the cars. Has some of the feel of a coastal forest, 2/3 off track, mostly relatively easy. Estimate 4 1/2 to 5hrs actual walking.  Map: Bombay 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568 (h), 6274 7350 (w), email: Transport: ~$12

Sunday, 2 October Black Mt and Dairy Farmer’s Hill (S/E)

This walk takes you from the car park near the electricity sub station on Frith St at the back of the CSIRO most of the way up Black Mt to the ‘hatband track’ then on via the Cork Plantation to Dairy Farmer’s Hill for lunch. Return via a somewhat different route. Be at the start point at 10.15am. About 3 1/2hrs actual walking, back at the cars around 2.30. Map: to be supplied. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568 (h), 6274 7350 (w), email: Transport: drive yourself but tell me when you book if you need a lift. 

Sunday 2 October- Mt Tinderry- M/R

Propose to follow the fire trail that runs along the coastal side of Mt Tinderry before heading along a ridge towards Mt Tinderry to hopefully the top (if there is enough time). Lots of rocks and possibly some thick scrub between the rock outcrops.  Map Tinderry 1:25,000 Leader Roger E Transport $15.00. Limit 8.

Monday, 3 October -    The Jocelyn Trail (M/E)

A walk through the Mulligan’s Flat and Goorooyaroo Nature Parks.  We will follow the Jocelyn Trail from the Mulligans Flat car park to Gecko Hill, about a km west of the Federal Highway for lunch.  Thence to Old Joe, the highest peak in the park and back to the start point, a mixture of on and off track. Meet at 8.45am at the Mulligan's Flat car park on Old Gundaroo Road, which goes off to the north from the western end of Horse Park Drive (old maps may not show this road which exits the Federal Hwy west at the Gungahlin exit). The walk is a mixture of on and easy off track, through grassland and open woodland. About 5hrs actual walking. Map: Hall 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568 (h), 6274 7350 (w), email: Transport:  drive yourself but tell me when you book if you need a ride.

1-3 October - Woila - L/R

 Camp two nights with the dingoes and wombats at Woila Clearing, which will be reached via Woila Ck.  On the Sunday (long weekend) attempt the rarely done direct route up Woila and the circuit over Tabletop and Scout Hat.  This is some of the best ridge country in the region, but it is steep and exposed and requires good scrambling ability.  Also, the circuit is very long and strenuous (12-hour day).  The views are truly awesome.  Map: Badja 1:25 000.  Leader: John I  Transport approx $30.

22-23 October: Western Budawangs - M/M

Nerriga entrance - Alum Fire Trail - Flat Top Mtn - Square Top Mtn and Fire Trail - Round Mtn - Nerriga entrance. A fairly easy walk during the spring wildflower season mainly on fire trails with a few off-track sections. We will visit two or three flat-topped hills to explore the cliffs around them and ascend some for the views (there are no big climbs). This trip would suit people who would like to try camping out on a weekend walk for the first time. Maps: CMW Budawangs, Endrick 1:25 000. Leader: Meg M Transport: ~$26

(28), 29, 30 October- Durras Mountain-Beaches-Lake weekend- L/E, M/MX.

Beaches all morning and bush all afternoon on Saturday, in a 22km anticlockwise circuit (Depot, Pebbly, Pretty Beaches then climb 300m up Durras Mtn and walk back along forest tracks to Depot Beach). We will car-camp at the NPWS camping ground at Depot Beach on Friday and Saturday, for an early start. BBQ possibilities on Saturday night. On Sunday we climb over Point Upright (named by Capt Cook) to look for whales, then walk along North Durras Beach and along the northern shore of Durras Lake, then explore a new way back to Depot Beach through the bush, both on and off-track, about 16km. Maps: Kioloa/Durras 1:25,000 Leader: Ross A. Transport: ~$30 plus camping and park fees. Limit 10.

Saturday 5 November - Murramarang N.P. -

Route: Head-to-Head (Wasp Head to North Head). Mainly off-track, some beach stops. To Emily Miller Beach through the hole-in-the-wall. Then on to burrawang forests, the Garden of Unearthly Gums, Richmond Beach headland, and via Oaky Beach to North Head, where we will find our cars. Bring tick protection. Map: Durras 1:25,000 Leader: Ross A. Note: 7.30am departure from Bungendore Bakery. Transport: ~$30. Limit: 10 fairly fast walkers

18-20 November- Folly Point, Mt Elliott - M/R

This will be a circuit of the Northern Budawangs starting from the Sassafras entrance. Folly Point and Mt Elliott are magnificent vantage points overlooking Hollands Gorge and Clyde Gorge. Other features include Munnuldi Falls, Sluice Box Falls, a traverse of Sturgiss Mountain, Hidden Valley and rainforest in the headwaters of Kilpatrick Creek. Most of the trip is on tracks but there is a scrub bash between the two falls. Map: Endrick 1:25000 or CMW Budawangs. Leader: George C. Transport: About $26. Limit of 8.

15-18 December- Mountains and Gorges of the Central Budawangs- M/R

This will be a 4 day circuit starting from Yadboro. We will go up the Castle track, through Monolith Valley, traverse Mt Tarn, then descend into Hollands Gorge and continue down the Clyde Gorge. There are many five star pools for cooling off and stunning views of the sandstone cliffs that flank the gorges. We exit the gorge at Cooyoyo Creek and climb through Castle Gap, walking under fascinating eroded cliffs and passing through the famous 'Cathedral Cave'. Map: Corang 1:25000/CMW Budawangs. Leader: George C. Transport: ~$28. Limit of 8.

For more walks, see the Program for last month.

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