March 2006

The program for a month usually covers walks from the second Wednesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the following month. This program covers from the second Wednesday of March to the second Wednesday of April.

For more walks, see the Program for last month or next month.

If you are not familiar with the procedures of the Club, please read the Information for Walkers for details of booking on a walk, gradings, our disclaimer, search and rescue procedures, equipment hire etc.

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Saturday 11 March – Bendora Hill and Moonlight Hollow (by Moonlight) – S/E-M

We meet late Saturday afternoon, and after a drive to the Brindabellas, a car shuffle and a short climb we view the sunset and eat dinner (bring stove if cooking) on Bendora Hill (1451m). Then we follow Moonlight Hollow Road under the gibbous moon to Bulls Head. Bring a torch for darker areas or viewing the wildlife. Late return (~11:00pm). Map: Tidbinbilla 1:25000 or ACT 1:100000. Leader: Jeff B Transport: ~$12 Limit: 12

March 11-12 Shoalhaven Crossover – Walk and Canoe the Shoalhaven in One Trip – M/M

This popular trip from the last six years traverses a picturesque stretch of the Shoalhaven. It involves a canoe paddle of fifteen kilometres and a fourteen-kilometre walk with a descent/ascent of 500 metres. While no canoeing experience is necessary, a reasonable level of fitness and water skills will be required to ensure all participants enjoy this wonderful experience. Half the party will descend to the Shoalhaven from Badgerys Lookout then walk downstream to camp at Fossickers Flat. The other half will paddle hired canoes from Tallowa Dam to Fossickers Flat. On the Sunday, the walkers and paddlers will swap roles. A "canoe up and back" option has been added this year for those who would prefer not to partake in the walking. A car swap is required. Please book early, as canoes need to be organised. Map: Caoura 1:25000, Burrier 1:25000 Leaders: Peter H and Gosta L Transport: ~$32 Canoe Hire: $35

Tuesday 14 March – Cooleman Ridge Woodland Reserve – S/E

Meet at 6:00pm with food and water at Namatjira Street in Fisher, opposite the open parklands, near the speed sign. (Map 77 G8 in the phone book) A gentle meander up and around the southern side of Mt Arawang. Enjoy tea at a scenic spot. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Janet E Transport: drive yourself

Wednesday 15 March – MONTHLY MEETING

8:00pm Main Meeting Room, St Johns Church Hall, Constitution Avenue, Reid

Light Pack Bushwalking – Speaker: Terence Uren

Thursday Evening 16 March – Yarramundi Peninsula – S/E

Meet at 6:30pm in the National Zoo and Aquarium car park on Lady Denman Drive. We will wander along the lake and around the peninsula. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w) Transport: drive yourself.

Saturday 18 March – Near Captain’s Flat – S/E

This is a morning only walk in the Yannunbeyan National Park. Walk along the Beverley Hills fire trail then a track I have recently found, returning to the cars along the the disused railway line. All on track, about 2 3/4 hrs actual walking, finish about noon. Go to the Purple eatery for a superb lunch after the walk. Map: Captains Flat 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w) Transport: ~$12

Saturday 18 March – Brindabellas - Coree Creek and Tributaries – M/M

This circuit will revisit a once lush and tree-ferny place, presently regenerating at an amazing rate. There are scenic vantage points on volcanic outcrops and some pretty waterfalls deep in the tributaries. Map: Cotter Dam 1:25000 Leader: Chris L Transport: ~$8

Sunday 19 March – Ainslie-Majura Reserve – S/E

A morning only walk. Be at the far end (i.e. furthest from the entrance) of the airport side of the Campbell Park offices car park at 8.30. A pleasant walk through this reserve, finishing about noon, including climbing Mt Ainslie via a lesser known route Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w) or Transport: drive yourself

Monday 20 March – The Five Hills of Goorooyaroo – S/E

A morning only walk in this park on the northern fringe of Canberra. Be at the parking area on the northern side of Horse Park Drive about 1.5km toward Gungahlin from the Federal Hwy junction (Gungahlin exit) at 8.30 for a walk around the park. Actual walking is about 3 3/4hrs, finish in time for lunch. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w) or Transport: drive yourself

18-20 March – Northern Budawangs: Quiltys, Sturgiss and Elliot – M/R

A magnificent juxtaposition of rainforests, sandstone cliffs and mountain tops with views that will take your breath away. Mostly on tracks but there are some rough sections getting up and down the mountains. Map: Endrick 1:25000 or CMW Budawangs Leader: George C Transport: ~$26 Limit: 8

18-20 March – Ettrema Creek for Novices – S/R

This is an easy walk, averaging 9km/day, to the spectacular Ettrema Gorge with its lovely pools, waterfalls and high cliffs. Although the entire walk is off-track it would be suitable for fit novice overnight walkers. Contact the leaders for assistance with gear and food. From Quiera Clearing we follow the extensive rock slabs to Transportation Spur and descend to Ettrema Creek to camp at Jones Creek junction. The second day will be a side trip up Jones Creek to the waterfall. On the last day we walk upstream to exit via Myall Creek and back to Quiera Clearing. Maps: Touga and Yalwal 1:25000 Leader: Rene D and Keith T Transport: ~$25 Limit: 8

Thursday Evening 23 March – Burley Griffin – S/E

Meet at 6.30 in the car park on the right of the road outside the Governor General’s residence on Dunrossil Drive. We will wander along the lake to Weston Park and back. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w) or Transport: drive yourself

Saturday 25 March – Shoalhaven Blockup Gorge – S/E-M/W

We descend over 300m into the Shoalhaven River following the Blue Track and then to the start of the Blockup Gorge where we enjoy lunch. This is a superb swimming spot and you can swim, lilo or bring something to keep you afloat. You need to swim about 300m downstream and then you are in the middle of a steep canyon. One time we saw rock-climbers abseiling down towards us. They were surprised to see us! The access road is a 4WD so please volunteer; Subarus are OK too. Map: Caoura 1:25000 Leaders: Vance B and Janet E Transport: ~$30 including park fee

Sunday 26 March – Corn Trail – M/M

Follow the full length of the trail used in the 1830s from the Clyde Mountain down to the Bolero Valley (drop 500m in 14km with some up hill). Part of the trail goes through a rain forest with huge crows nest ferns, tree ferns and cabbage palms. There are also distant views of the Castle, Pigeon House and the coast. Passengers will be dropped off at the top of the trail and commence walking immediately while the drivers do a car shuffle (80 minutes). Drivers will start walking from the end of the 4WD trail, aiming to catch up to the first party at lunchtime. Be prepared for leeches and a possible knee deep walk through the river at the end of the trail. Maps: Monga and Araluen 1:25000 Leader: Michael G Transport: ~$30

Tuesday 28 March – Dairy Farmers Hill and Cork Plantation – S/M

Sadly this is the last of the Tuesday daylight saving walks so we’ll return where we started. Meet at the underpass near Lady Denham Drive and just off Tuggeranong Parkway by 6:00pm with some food and water. We’ll follow the tracks to the summit of the Hill where we’ll have tea and then saunter along to the Cork Plantation and then wander back to the cars. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Janet E Transport: drive yourself

Saturday 1 April – Tinderry – M/E

This walk runs parallel to, and just east of, the Tinderry Range inside the National Park. Follow the Round Flat and East Tinderry fire trails north from the Tinderry Road through open bush to an unnamed peak of 1335m for lunch then back to the cars. Net climb is under 200m with some great views. About 4 hrs actual walking. Map: Tinderry 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w) Transport: ~$15

Sunday 2 April – Budawangs: Admiration Point – M/M

From Wog Wog, follow the track past Korra Hill, then out to Admiration Point for superb views of the Castle, Mt Owen, Pigeon House Mountain and Currockbilly Mountain. Bring gaiters for a patch of scrub on the final stretch to the Point. Map: Corang 1:25000 Leader: Meg M Transport: ~$25

1-2 April – Morton National Park: Byangee Walls – M/R

Drive down Saturday, car camp Yadboro, slack afternoon, early day-walk Sunday morning up Byangee Walls. A spectacular venue, always a popular trip, beginners welcome. Map: CMW Budawangs Sketch Map Leaders: Jenny and Rob H Transport: ~$30

Saturday, 8 April – Wild Cattle Flat – S/E-M

Climb via fire trail east of Captains Flat to the trig station atop the Bollard Ridge from which views to the west. Then follow the ridge as it descends through open forest until you cross Ballinafad Creek. Lunch on a hill above the creek, then cross wild cattle flats and back to the cars through open forest. All on trail or easy off track, good if you want to try off track for the first time. About 4 hrs actual walking. Return via the purple eatery. Map: Tinderry 1:25000 Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$20

8-9 April – Mt Morgan, Mt Murray – M/M

On Saturday we follow an old bridle trail from Gurrangorambla Creek that goes over Mt Morgan and down to a five star camp site just above the Goodradigbee River. On Sunday, we pick up another bridle trail leading up to the twin peaks of Mt Murray for breathtaking views, then descend to Dunns Flat and return via Oldfields Hut. Maps: Rules Point and Rendezvous Creek 1:25000 Leader: George C Transport: ~$33 Limit: 8

For more walks, see the Program for last month or next month.

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