August 2007

The program for a month usually covers walks from the second Wednesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the following month. This program covers from the second Wednesday of August to the second Wednesday of September.

For more walks, see the Program for last month or next month.

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Saturday 11 August – A ridge with a view – M/E-M

Walk from the Spring Creek car park along a series of ridges through open forest to an unnamed grassy peak for lunch with spectacular views from Lake George to the Tinderries then loop back to the cars. Part on and part off track, about 4Ύ hours actual walking. Map: Captains Flat 1:25000 Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: minimum $15

Sunday 12 August – Grassy Creek – M/E

Enjoy a wander through the grasslands and forests of the southern ACT, with morning tea at Westermans Cottage, one of a few old homesteads you will see. 4 hours actual walking, firetrails throughout. Map: Yaouk 1:25000 Leader: TomG Transport: minimum $12

11-18 August – Main Range snowshoe trip – M/R

Depending on weather and snow conditions, we will traverse a section of the Main Range with time for exploration, photography and snow-cave construction in one or two especially scenic areas, like Watsons Crags and The Sentinel. The adventurous can try their hand at steep slopes. The trip will begin and end at either Guthega or the Munyang power station. Map: Mt Kosciusko 1:50000 Leader: JohnI Transport: minimum $40 + park entrance

Tuesday 14 August – Lower Mavis Ridge – L/R/X

Walk the Gudgenby grasslands from the Rendezvous Creek carpark to near Pheasants Creek. Up onto the lower Mavis Ridge, passing near Spot Height (SH) 1411 on the way to SH1506. If time and conditions allow, continue NW to SH1612 (Mt Herlt) and views over Middle Creek to Mt Namadgi and Mt Burbidge. Return via the Rendezvous Creek rock art and Rowleys Rendezvous Creek Hut site. Around 18km and 700m total climb. Strenuous walking for a fit and experienced party. Further details at Map: Rendezvous Creek 1:25000 Leader: JohnE Transport: minimum $15 Limit: 8

Wednesday 15 August – MONTHLY CLUB MEETING

8:00pm Main meeting room, St John’s Church Hall, Constitution Avenue, Reid

A walk in the Bhutan

Presenter: LeanneA

The Snowman Trek is one of the most challenging high altitude treks in the Himalaya. Travelling from the city of Paro and through the beautiful and wild mountains of the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, the trek included eleven high passes. The group visited monasteries and villages in the remote Lunana district in the north of the country along the Tibetan border and were inspired by the magnifi cent Himalayan landscape.

Saturday 18 August – Molonglo Gorge – S/E

Surprise yourself at the attractiveness of this nearby gorge. Walk along trails beside the gorge, returning through the forest, perfect for a winter afternoon. Be at the track head (down Kowen Road which comes off Sutton Road a short distance from the Pialligo Road/Yass Road/Sutton Road junction near Queanbeyan) at 2pm. About 2½ hours actual walking. Map: Bungendore 1:25000 Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w) or Transport: drive yourself but tell me when you book if you need a lift

Sunday 19 August – Conglomerate Castles – S-M/M

A walk from Wog Wog over, under and around some conglomerate outcrops in the western Budawangs. Mainly on track but there will be some easy scrambles around the rocks. Map: Corang 1:25000 Leader: JeffB. Transport: minimum $25 Limit: 12

Saturday 25 August – Worn Boot Bash #6 – L/M

The walk for the day is usually between 30 and 40 km plus a few mountains. Guaranteed to stimulate both respiratory and circulatory systems. This year it will be to the north of Canberra. Map: ACT 1:100000 Leaders: JennyH and RobH Transport: N/A

Saturday 25 August – Deua National Park ‘Rocky Ground’ – S-M/R/X

From Dampier Trip the last of three Deua day-walks will explore an interesting area at the headwaters of an east tributary of Breakfast Creek. I expect plenty of rock outcrops to clamber on/around as well as lush moist gullies. Maps: Snowball, Badja 1:25000 Leader: ChrisL Transport: minimum $25

Sunday 26 August – Orroral Valley – M/M,E

From the Honeysuckle Collimation Tower head north along the ridge tops before descending into the valley. Return along the valley and up the fire trail. Map: Corin Dam 1:25000 Leader: RogerE Transport: minimum $8 Limit: 8

Sunday 26 August – Gungartan: Snowshoe Walk – M/M

Up a sheltered valley to Schlink Pass and Gungartan – some classic snow country with big views across the Main Range without the need for skiing skills. Maps: Kosciusko 1:50000 Leader: RupertB Transport: $50 + Parks entrance

Sunday 26 August – Morton National Park: Towards Mt Wog Wog – M/R

This is an exploratory walk, possibly quite rough, with thick scrub. I am trying to reconnoitre the recommended route down to the Yadboro River without walking on the private property around Cockpit Swamp. The walk begins at Wog Wog car park and heads along the main track towards Corang Peak. About 7kms in we’ll turn onto an overgrown track and head through Snedden Pass and go as far as we can towards Wog Wog Mountain. This may also require some rock scrambling to get down the pass towards Cockpit Swamp. Should be some good views into the Yadboro valley and along the escarpment. Return the same way. Map: Corang 1:25000 Leader: JohnK Transport: minimum $25 Limit: 8

(24)25-26 August – Bundanoon Gourmet Weekend – M/E

Drive to Bundanoon YHA Friday night, our base for the weekend. On Saturday, do the Walking Dog track (5 hours on track, the remnants of an 1896 road), which runs from Meryla Pass through beautiful rain forest to Yeronga Creek with spectacular views back to the cliffs and surrounding peaks. Visit the flat where Mr Yates grew some of his first seeds in the 1880s; a longish descent but no difficult bits. The Sunday walk will probably be from Lake Alexandria in Mittagong to the Sixty Foot Falls on the Nattai Creek, about 3 hours walking, so we will have a nice lunch at the Meridian in Marulan. On Saturday evening, an ‘everybody bring something’ meal. The YHA is an early 20th Century manse of delightful ambience. Map: Bundanoon 1:25000 Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w) or Transport: minimum $30

Tuesday 28 August – Mt Clear – M/M

Long Flat to Mt Clear fire trail. Return via off track NW to meet Horse Gully fire trail. Approximately 17kms with 550m of climbing. Walk time 5½ hours. Maps: Colinton and Bredbo 1:25000 Leader: BobE Contact by 6:00pm Sunday Transport: minimum $10

Saturday 1 September – Black Mt and Aranda Bushland – S/E

Meet at 1:45pm at the electricity sub-station at the end of Frith Street, between the CSIRO and Black Mountain. We will follow the hatband track around the eastern side of the mountain, thence to Glenloch Interchange, wander through the Aranda Bushland and back to the cars through the Black Mountain Reserve. About 3 hours actual walking. Map: Canberra Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(w), 6274 7350(h) or Transport: drive yourself but tell me when you book if you need a ride

Sunday 2 September – Wild Cattle Creek – M/M

This walk is south of Captains Flat in the Tallaganda National Park. It is a wander, mostly off track, along ridges through light open forest and along the wide open valley of Wild Cattle Creek and other watercourses. About 4 hours actual walking. Return via the purple eatery. Map: Tinderry 1:25000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w) or Transport: minimum $15

1-2 September – Booth Range, Bert and Max’s Hut – M/RX

Shanahans Mountain, Booth Range Hut, Naas River, Horse Gully Hut, Shanahans Falls Creek, Shanahans Mountain. Maps: Michelago and Colinton 1:25000 Leaders: JennyH and RobH Transport: minimum $12

Sunday 9 September – Tinderry Peak – M/R

Tinderry Peak is the highest (1618m) of the granite mountains east of Michelago and has fine views north to Canberra and south west to the Snowy Mountains. We will walk there from Round Flat, which is the easiest way, but still rather hard. It involves a very steep climb up a fire trail, scrub and scrambles around the peak itself, and some rough sections coming back along upper Roberts Creek. Map: Tinderry 1:25000 Leader: JeffB Transport: minimum $15 Limit: 12

(7)8-9 September – Starlights Trail and Hidden Creek – Saturday M/M, Sunday S/M-R

Travel to Bundanoon Friday evening, staying at the YHA for 2 nights, with everyone-bring-something dinner on Saturday night. Saturday we drive to Hill Top to pick up Starlights Trail with an optional sidetrack to Rocky Waterholes Lookout for morning tea. Splendid views, spectacular cliff lines and a lovely spot at Emmetts Flat by the Nattai River for lunch. All on track with some steep sections. 500m total climb and approx 5½ hours actual walking. On Sunday we have a more leisurely start to get to Hidden Creek, a tributary of the Nattai River, initially along a ridge with views, before following the creek to the Nattai for lunch. To the Meridian at Marulan for coffee before driving home. Maps: Hill Top and Mittagong 1:25000 Leaders: DianaT and Stan Marks. All bookings to Diana please Accommodation: $50 Transport: minimum $40

Tuesday 11 September – Mt Wee Jasper – M/M

Start point off Tumut Road, mostly off track for 17kms. 720m climb. Approx 6½ hours walk time. Map: Couragago 1:25000 Leader: BobE Contact by 6:00pm Sunday Transport: minimum $15

Wednesday 12 September – Wednesday Walk

The regular mid-week walk series continues, close to Canberra with a destination to be decided. Contact the leader before 8:00pm Tuesday to find out destination and meeting place. Leader: AllanM

For more walks, see the Program for last month or next month.
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