July 2008

The program for a month usually covers walks from the second Wednesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the following month. This program covers from the second Wednesday of July to the second Wednesday of August.

For more walks, see the Program for last month or next month.

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Wednesday 9 July: Wednesday Walk

The regular mid-week walk series continues, close to Canberra with a destination to be decided. Contact the leader before 8pm Tuesday to find out destination and meeting place. Leader: Allan M

Saturday 12 July: Bushfold Flats – M/E-M

Follow the Australian Alps walking track from the Booroomba Rocks car park to Bushfold Flats, a delightful area of open forest and grassland, thence north to meet the track from the visitors’ centre to Mt Tennent. Lunch on a rocky outcrop with views north, east and west returning on track. About 5 hrs actual walking, all on track. Map: Williamsdale 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$10

Sunday 13 July: Woila Lookout, Big Badja – M/M

From Pikes Saddle we descend a steep fire trail to Currumbene Creek (west branch), then follow a gradually rising open ridge south to a lookout (GR327115 1966 datum) with views to rugged Mother Woila Mountain. After lunch return over Big Badja Mountain (views to Snowies and sea). Mostly fire trail or open forest but there are some scrubby sections and steep climbs. Maps: Snowball, Badja 1:25,000. Leader: Jeff B. Transport: ~$30. Limit: 12.

12–13 July: Corn Trail with a twist – M/M-R

We take the Corn Trail to Buckenbowra River, then proceed westerly up to link with the River Forest Road. Mostly on trails but I propose side trips to explore casually some of the steep and rainforested creeks that come down from the escarpment near Monga. Camp near a side creek. Should be an early finish on Sunday. Leader: Chris L. Maps: Monga, Araluen 1:25000 Transport: ~$20

Wednesday 16 July, 8pm: Monthly meeting

A presentation on the Australian Alps Walking Track.

Main meeting room, St John’s Church Hall, Constitution Avenue, Reid.

Saturday 19 July: Flanagan’s Hill – M/M/X

Most of the walk is in the eastern section of the Brindabella National Park. >From the locked gate on Doctor’s Flat Road just above Dingo Dell, walk north on an ancient track through open forest for lunch on Flanagan’s Hill. Then, a couple of km off track to join up with the track to Pig Summit and back to the road. Short car shuffle. The after lunch section is new to me. Map: Umburra 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$10

Sunday 20 July Gudgenby–Boboyan Trig Area–M/MR

A walk of about 18 kms on trails and in the bush. Start at locked gate in Gudgenby on old Boboyan Road. Trail bash with option of seeing Frank and Jack’s Hut and the nearby sheep dip, then up one of the ridges to Hospital Hill and Boboyan trig. Great views of Gudgenby, Mount Namadgi, Mount Kelly etc. Return via Yerribee Track, Boboyan Road and a short bushbash back to the cars. Map: Yaouk 1:25,000 Leader: Tim W. Book by Wednesday morning 16 July.  Transport:~ $13.

Sunday 20 July: Mt Bullongong – L/M&E

A hill in the northern Tinderries. Mainly on track, i.e. Keewong Fire Trail. May however diverge off into the forest for some of the journey. Map: Tinderry, Captains Flat & Michaelgo 1:25,000. Leader: Roger E. Transport: $16.00. Limit: 8.

19–20 July: Mt Twynam, snowshoe plod – M/M

From Guthega, climb up towards Mt Twynam and camp in a slightly sheltered spot below the final slopes. On Sunday morning ascend the peak by torch-light (hopefully) and watch the sunrise illuminate the ethereal vista of Watson’s Crags and Sentinel. The more adventurous could try some steeper slopes, for which crampons might be useful. This trip would be a good introduction to snowshoeing for fit walkers and will require winter gear and tents. Snowshoes can be hired. Map: Mt Kosciuszko 1:50,000. Leader: John I. Transport and park entry: ~$50.

Tuesday 22 July: Gudgenby Area indigenous and European sites – L/E-M,X

A wander round many of the indigenous and European sites in the Rendezvous Creek mouth and Bogong Creek areas. Some you will have seen before and some may be new. Around 20 km and 200 m total climb. Moderate fitness required. Route not fully known to leader. Maps: Rendezvous Creek and Yaouk.1:25,000. Leader: John E. Transport: ~$12. Further details at Limit: 8.

Saturday 26 July: Gudgenby Valley – M/M

A pleasant ramble through the grasslands of the Gudgenby Valley with detours to the lower reaches of Middle Creek, the Yankee Hat Aboriginal rock art site and Gudgenby Homestead’s recently restored Ready Cut Cottage. Maps: Yaouk, Rendezvous Creek 1:25000 Leader: Terence U. Transport ~$13 Limit: 8.

(25), 26–27 July: Durras/Little Forest Plateau – M/M/part X and S/M/part X

Two rekkies based at the cabins at Depot Beach. Firstly at Little Forest Plateau where we will follow the usual route from the car park to Gadara Point for lunch then go to the Ngaityung Falls and loop back to the cars initially off track along the cliff line then via a fire trail. The ranger told me about the second, from Mt Durras to Clear Point, via a direct route involving a basic track and a couple of water falls. He said it was not too hard and we will need to be guided by his advice. I estimate about 5 hrs walking on Saturday, Sunday is probably shortish, we will drive to Pebbly Beach, go up Mt Durras via the made trail, drop down to Clear Point along the new route, thence back to the cars. Maps: Tianjara/Milton/Kialoa 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$50, Accommodation: ~$50

Saturday 2 August: Mount Coree – M/E

A 19 km walk all on fire trails. See the continued recovery from the 2003 bushfires. Longish lunch with superb 360 degree views from the top. Distance of walk may be a little long but being on fire trails makes it easy. Should not be more than 5½ hours of actual walking. Map: Cotter Dam 1:25,000 Leader: Tim W. Transport: ~ $9.50.

Sunday 3 August: Wyanbene Caves Mountain, Minuma Range – S-M/M

From the Wyanbene Caves car park we ascend Wyanbene Caves Mtn (steep) then follow the Minuma Range southward for several kilometres past conglomerate cliffs to a high point. Good views east and west. Mainly on fire trail but we may follow the cliff base for part of the way. Map: Krawarree 1:25,000. Leader: Jeff B. Transport: ~$30. Limit: 12.

(1), 2–3 August: Bundanoon gourmet weekend – M/E

Drive to Bundanoon YHA Friday night, our base for the weekend. On Saturday, do the Walking Dog track (5 hrs on track, the remnants of an 1896 road) which runs from Meryla Pass through beautiful rain forest to Yeronga Creek with spectacular views back to the cliffs and surrounding peaks. Visit the flat where Mr Yates grew some of his first seeds in the 1880s. A longish descent but no difficult bits. Sunday walk will probably be from Lake Alexandria in Mittagong to the Sixty Foot Falls on the Nattai Creek, about 3 hrs walking, so we will have a nice lunch at the Meridian in Marulan. On Saturday evening, an ‘everybody bring something’ meal. The YHA is an early C20 manse of delightful ambience. Map: Bundanoon Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$30

Tuesday 5 August: Mt Orroral and Prairie Dog Creek – L/R,X

Mt Orroral via the Granite Tops Walking Track, then NW along the ridge to examine all the wonderful granite. Follow Prairie Dog Creek down to join the AAWT. A site or two of interest in the Orroral Valley on the way back. Around 16 km and 800 m total climb. Strenuous walking for a fit and experienced party. Maps: Rendezvous Creek and Corin Dam 1:25000. Leader: John E. Transport: ~$10. Further details at Limit: 8.

Saturday 9 August: Bullen Range – M/R

An old favourite: Kambah Pool, Bullen Range to Boyle Trig, Red Rock Gorge, Kambah Pool. Map: Tuggeranong 1:25,000 Leader: Rob H. Transport: nil, but let me know if you need a lift across town.

(8), 9–10 August: Gulaga (Mt Dromedary)/ Bermagui Coast Walk – M/E

Drive to Central Tilba Farm Cabins Friday evening. Climb Dromedary Sat. Sunday’s walk is a scenic ramble about (10k) which offers vistas of mountain (Gulaga), lake (Wallaga) and island (Montague), headland and beach. The track winds around Wallaga Lake and continues to Murunna Point, Camel Rock, Haywards Beach, Keatings Headland, Long Swamp and Moorehead Beach. Maps: Wandell, Central Tilba and Bermagui 1:25,000. Leader: Barry K. Transport: ~$50. Accommodation: $20 per night.

9–11 August: Kiandra–Tabletop Mtn with camera and hopefully snow – M/M

This winter I’d like to get to Tabletop Mtn whatever the snow’s like! From Kiandra it’s south 6 km to base camp near Four Mile Hut (and toilet), with options of detours to Mt Selwyn or the old gold diggings. For Sunday, Tabletop Mtn is 12 km return, with some snow (surely?) and unusual views of Jagungal, and Monday I hope to return via the little used Four Mile Hill Trail. The trip will be suitable for those wishing to try winter/snow camping; hire snow shoes if we look like using them. Maps: Cabramurra 1:25,000 (and perhaps West Denison). Leader: Rupert B. Transport: $45.

9–17 August: Mts Feathertop and Bogong snowshoe trips – L/M

Enjoy snowshoeing through some of Victoria’s best alpine country. Drive to Harrietville, then a 3 day trip up Feathertop, camping near Federation Hut, followed by a 3–4 day trip on the Bogong massif. Although I plan to camp near huts, tents and full winter gear will be essential. Maps: Mt Feathertop–Hotham 1:30,000 and Bogong Alpine Area 1:50,000. Leader: John I. Transport: based on about 1,000km travel.

For more walks, see the Program for last month or next month.
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