February 2009

The program for a month usually covers walks from the second Wednesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the following month. This program covers from the second Wednesday of February to the second Wednesday of March.

For more walks, see the Program for last month or next month.

If you are not familiar with the procedures of the Club, please read the Information for Walkers for details of booking on a walk, gradings, our requirement that all walkers sign an acknowledgement of risks and obligations, search and rescue procedures, equipment hire, etc.

If you are interested in taking part in Club activities, contact
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Thursday evening, 12 February: Bruce and O’Connor Ridges – S/E

Meet at 6.30 in the car park opposite 160 Dryandra St, O’Connor for a walk in these two pleasant areas. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: drive yourself

14–15 February: Turtle Creek and tributaries – M/R/W/X

A weekend of exploratory creek walking in an very lush environment near the Corn Trail lower end. The pace will be relaxed but you will have to be comfortable walking in shallow water and over rocks at times. Map: Monga, Araluen 1:25000. Leader: Chris L.  Transport: ~$100 per car, $25–$33 per person.

14–15 February: Wombeyan Caves – S/M/optionally W

On Saturday we drive in via the scenic road from Mittagong then walk to the falls on upper Wombeyan Creek. Camp at the camping ground. On Sunday we will walk to lower Wombeyan Creek, Tinted Cave, and optionally swim in Mares Forest Creek and/or wade up its canyon to another waterfall (assuming the drought hasn’t dried them up). The walks are very short and there should be time for cave inspections both days. Return via Taralga. Map: Richlands 1:25,000. Leader: Jeff B.  Transport: ~420km return, $151 per car, $38–$50 per person, plus camping fees and costs of any cave inspections.

Sunday 15 February: Wombeyan Caves – S/M/optionally W

For those wishing to join the trip above for the Sunday’s activities only. Map: Richlands 1:25,000 Leader: Jeff B.  Transport: ~360km return (there and back via Taralga), $130 per car or ~$32–$43 per person, plus costs of any cave inspections.

Sunday 15 February: Boboyan Hill, Grassy Creek and Bulls Flat –M/R

From the Old Boboyan Road car park to Boboyan homestead (ruin) and then cross country to Boboyan and Pheasant Hills. This is an interesting and unburnt dense woodland area with good canopy and grassy understory in places. We then descend to Grassy Creek and follow the 4wd track to Bulls Flat for a easy walk back along Old Boboyan Road. Approximately 1/2 walk off track. Map: Yaouk. Leader: Mike Ba.  Transport: ~$60 per car or $15–$20 per person. Limit: 5.

Monday evening, 16 February: Cooleman Ridge again –S/E

Meet at the very end of Kathner St, Chapman for a walk along the ridge. No bookings, just turn up at 6.30. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: drive yourself

Tuesday evening, 17 February: Tuggeranong Hill and Theodore fringe of Rob Roy Nature Park – S/E

Meet at 6.30 pm on Theodore oval (suggest you park on the western side) Phone book Map 99 C12. Please wear long pants or gaiters as the circuit not completely on tracks especially when cutting across to the aboriginal rock grooves. Expect a ‘sea breeze’ to arrive before we are back at the cars. Leader: Margaret R.

Tuesday 17 February: Bargo Gorge – M/R/W

Rockford BridgeBargo River and Gorge – Nepean River – return along clifftop route. River crossings, rock platforms, lunch and swim at a deep cool pool. Map: Picton 1:25000. Leader: Brian S.  Transport: ~$120 per car, $30–$40 per person.

Wednesday 18 February, 8pm: Monthly Meeting

A presentation on Patagonia.

Presenter: Janet E.

Main meeting room, St John’s Church Hall, Constitution Avenue, Reid.

Thursday evening, 19 February: Goorooyaroo Nature Park again – S/E

Meet at 6.30 in the parking area on the northern side of Horse Park Drive about 1.5km toward Gungahlin from its junction with the Federal Hwy (the Gungahlin exit). Will probably do Gecko Hill. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: drive yourself

21–22 February: Mt Kelly Circuit – M/R

This is one of the club’s classic trips and includes Naas, Sams and Middle Creeks. Maps: Yaouk, Rendezvous Creek 1:25,000 Leader: Rob H.  Transport: ~$46 per car, $11.50 to $15 per person.

Saturday 21 February: Snake Cove – M/M

A chance to get a taste of what the Midweek Murramarang walkers will be enjoying in a few days – and to help me with a water drop at one of this latter trip’s campsites! Climbing for panoramic coastal views in the morning, beach walking and swimming in the afternoon. Limit of 6. Map: Kioloa 1:25000 Leader: Terence U,  Transport: ~$140 per car, $35–$47 per person.

(22) 23–27 February: Midweek Murramarang – M/E-M/W

Avoid the weekend crowds on an extended trip to this popular south coast national park. Relaxed walking with plenty of opportunities for surfing and snorkelling. Not a trip for those who hate the feeling of salt on the skin or sand between the toes. Fuel stove needed. Maps: Durras, Kioloa 1:25000 Leader: Terence U.  Transport: ~$120 per car, $30–$40 per person. Limit: 4.

Monday evening, 23 February: Gossan Hill – S/E

Meet 6.30, park in the car park behind the old Aranda shops in Bandjalong Crescent, Aranda. We will see what Gossan Hill has to offer. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: drive yourself

Tuesday 24 February: Canberra’s south-east – S/E

Meet at the duck pond on Bugden Avenue at 6.30. Phone book Map 88 N8. Parking in Appel or Jessop. A brisk whip around the ridges and reservoirs under the gaze of countless macropods, all on tracks, but they are stony/gravelly. Leader: Margaret R.

Thursday evening, 26 February: Burley Griffin – S/E

Meet at 6.30 pm in the car park on the right of the road outside the Governor General’s residence on Dunrossil Drive for a wander along the lake to Weston Park and back. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: drive yourself.

 (27) 28 February–1 March: Mt Twynam – Sat, M/E-M, Sun S/E

This is Australia’s 3rd highest peak. We will drive down Friday night and stay at the Southern Alps Ski Club Lodge at Charlotte Pass. The walk (12km linear, 350 m climb) is Charlotte Pass to Blue Lake junction on formed track then a basic track up Twynam and off track to Guthega, all up about 5–5 ½ hrs walking. Shared meal Sat night. On Sunday, I plan to do a walk on the Thredbo River, starting from the Cascades car park, following the Cascades trail for about 30 minutes then swing left onto the track along the Thredbo River toward the Chimneys. We will walk until about noon then return to the cars and home. Map: Perisher 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$140 per car  $50 per person plus park entry. Accommodation: ~$80.

Saturday 28 February: Shoalhaven River, Morton NP – M/M/W(R)

Badgery’s Spur to Long Point – an active day of hill climbs and river walking, mainly on track. We’ll descend the steep track on Badgery’s spur to the Shoalhaven and proceed to Long Point along the river banks with the occasional river crossing. There will be lots of swimming options along the way and at lunch. We’ll ascend from Long Point to the cars. The walk will involve a 600m descent and ascent. There’ll be a car shuffle. Map: Caoura 1:25,000 Leader: John K.  Transport: $100 per car, $25–$30 per person. Limit: 12

Sunday 1 March: Joe the Marine’s Folly Creek – M/R/X/W?

Second attempt, rained out in December 2008. See December it for description. Maps: Wingello & Caoura 1:25,000. Leader: Roger E.  Transport: $70 per car $18–$24 per person.

Sunday 1 March: Boboyan Road to Nursery Swamp – M/R

From Boboyan Road a climb of 300 m to Nursery Hill and following the ridge NE. Lunch on flat rocky shelf overlooking Nursery Swamp. Descend to Nursery Swamp in the afternoon and rejoin the walking track back to the car. Mostly off track, some areas of heavy regrowth. Map: Rendezvous Creek. Leader: Mike Ba.  Transport $44 per car, $11–$15 per person. Limit: 5.

Monday evening, 2 March: Flat Black Mountain – S/E

Meet at 6.30 pm. Park at end of Frith St near electricity sub-station for a wander over and around the little known, low mountain to the north of the main peak for some different views. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: drive yourself.

Tuesday 3 March: Ettrema Day – L/R

This trip will give the Tuesday walkers a chance to see why weekend walkers rave about Ettrema. After a steep and rough descent into Ettrema via a creek near the upstream end of Sentry Box Canyon, we bludge from pool to pool downstream to Myall Creek. We exit via Myall Creek with its magnificent waterfalls and pools. Maps: Nerriga and Touga 1:25000 Leader: Keith T.  Transport: $120 per car, $30–$40 per person.  Limit: 8.

Thursday evening, 5 March: Yarramundi Peninsula – S/E

Meet at 6.30 in the National Zoo and Aquarium car park on Lady Denman Drive. We will wander along the lake and around the peninsula. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: drive yourself.

6–9 March: Ettrema Gorge – M/R/W

Note change of dates.  Four days in this interesting and remote 400 metre deep gorge. Rock scrambling, swimming in crystal-clear pools and magnificent views. Total climb up to 800 m. Contact leader by 20 February for details. Maps: Touga, Yalwal, Nerriga. Leader: Eric P.  Transport: ~$135 per car. Limit: 8.

7–9 March: Kanangra Base Camp – various grades

Kanangra Walls is an isolated sandstone plateau in the southern Blue Mts, with magnificent scenery. Choice of two walks each day, one led by Stan Marks and one by me. Sat: (1) Kowmung River at Gridiron Bends (S/E-M/W?) or (2) Mt Bungin via Wallaby Pass (S/M-R); Sun: (3) Kanangra Plateau and lookouts (M/E) or (4) Spire Head (M/M-R); Mon: (5) Uni Rover Trail (S-M/E) or (6) Mt Barrallier (S-M/R). We will camp beside the cars at Boyd Crossing both nights. Maps: Shooters Hill (1), Kanangra (2–6), Yerranderie (2, 3, 5, 6) 1:25,000 Leader: Jeff B. Transport: ~600 km ret, $216 per car, $70 per person plus park entry. Limit: 16.

7–9 March: Corang Circuit – Morton NP – M/M(R)

Saturday: From the Yadboro campsite, follow the river throughout the day in westerly direction. There’ll be plenty of river walking and crossings, and swimming ops. We’ll camp on the river bank below the spur to Cockpit Swamp. Sunday: Climb the spur towards Cockpit Swamp. Once we reach the plateau we’ll proceed over Snedden Pass to the main Corang track and eventually through to Bibbenluke for camping. Monday: From Bibbenluke, to Mt Cole and around its back to Seven Gods Pinnacle, the Green Room, Monolith Valley and Castle Saddle, before returning to the cars via Kalianna Ridge. Map: Corang 1:25,000 Leader: John K.  Transport $140 per car, $35–47 per person. Limit: 8.

7–9 March (Canberra Day weekend): Tuross–Jillicambra – M/R

A three day river and ridges walk, climbing to 1,026 metres in Wadbilliga N.P. From Woila Creek junction, walk three kms down the Tuross River, then up a side creek to camp on a beautiful forested plateau beneath Jillicambra Mountain. Next morning, ascend to the summit without packs, then continue down to camp on the Tuross. A relaxed five kms back up the Tuross with plenty of time for swimming on the final day. Forester-style 4WDs needed for access. Map: Belowra 1:25,000. Leader: Meg M.  Transport: TBA

7–16 March: Western Arthur Range, South West Tasmania

A traverse of this iconic mountain range. Superb, wonderfully wild country. Dates may vary depending on transport arrangements. Leader: Ian S.  Limit: 6

Saturday 7 March: Bushfold Flats and around Mt Tennent – M/M

A walk from Apollo road up to Bushfold Flats, around Mt Tennent and down to Namadgi NP Visitor Information Centre. 10 km total – 520 m climb. Car shuffle required. Map: 8726-4N Williamsdale 1:25,000. Leaders: Jenny H and Quentin M. Bookings to Quentin.  Transport: $30 per car, $7.50–$10 per person. Limit: 8.

Sunday 8 March: Gigerline Gorge – M/R

Up-river along the western contour above the gorge; down-river part-way along the gorge with some compulsory swims. Map: Williamsdale 1:25,000 Leader: Rob H.  Transport: ~$24 per car, $6–$8 per person.

Monday 9 March: Paddys Castle – M/R/X

From Bungonia SRA, explore along the cliff tops to Devils Pulpit and Paddys Castle. Scenic views, creek crossings, possible scrambling. Maps: Bungonia and Caoura 1:25000. Leader: Brian S.   Transport: $100 per car ~$25 per person + park entry fee

For more walks, see the Program for last month or next month.
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