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Club Activity Program

April 2010

The program for a month usually covers walks from the second Wednesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the following month. This page covers activities from the second Wednesday of April until the second Wednesday of May.

For more walks, see the Program for last month and next month.

If you are a non-member interested in taking part in Club activities, and want information about activities in the program click on to contact the club. Click on if you are seeking other information about the club.

If you are not familiar with the procedures of the Club, please read the Walk Information (see menu at left) for details of booking on a walk, gradings, our requirement that all walkers sign an acknowledgement of risks and obligations, equipment hire, search and rescue procedures, etc. For membership enquiries contact the .

17–18 April: Quiltys Red Ground – S/E or M/M–R

This pack walk is 8 km each way on flattish fire trails from near Nerriga to a campsite on Piercy Ck below the impressive cliffs of the Sassafras Plateau in the Budawangs. Relax around the campsite, or do optional side trips with day packs to the plateau via Crossroads Pass (435069 GDA66), or other side canyons in the area towards Battleship Rock (easy to moderate scrambling, scrubby). Suitable for people who want an easy pack walk as well as those wanting more “adventure” on the side trips. Map: Endrick 1:25,000 or CMW Budawangs. Leader: Jeff B. Transport: ~270 km return ~$100 per car, ~$25–$40 per passenger. Limit: 12.

Saturday 17 April: Moonlight Hollow – M/E

We will follow Moonlight Hollow Rd through open forest from Bulls Head to Bendora Arboretum (lunch) and return via a disused vehicular track along the ridge which forms the ACT–NSW border and which has some good views. About 5¼ hrs walking. Map: Tidbinbilla 1:25,000 Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: $40 per car, ~$15 per person.

Sunday 18 April: Advanced Navigation Skills (Orroral Ridge Area) – M/M–R

Dropped your GPS in the creek? Flat battery? For those who already understand contours, here is an opportunity to practise your navigation using map and compass to take a bearing to walk in a precise direction, and to ascertain your location if you’re not sure. We will walk off track from Honeysuckle Creek car park, up a spur to Orroral Ridge and along the ridge to Emu Flat, returning via a different route. Meet at Kambah Village car park. Map: Corin Dam 1:25,000. Leader: Meg M. Transport: ~$37 per car. Limit: 8.

(23)24–27 April: Hume & Hovell Track, Wee Jasper to Tumut – L/M

A 4-day walk from James Fitzpatrick Trackhead (near Wee Jasper) to the Snowy Mtns Hwy (near Tumut). Day 1 includes a 700 m climb, days 2–4 range between 20–25 km per day. Car shuffle required. Maps: Hume & Hovell Walking Track Maps and The Hume & Hovell Guidebook. Leaders: Mike Br and Kerrie T, bookings to Kerrie by the previous Wednesday.  Transport: ~$60–$100 per person. Limit: 8.

Cliffs at Meryla Pass

24–26 April: Bundanoon bushwalking bonanza – Sat: S/E, Sun: M/M/part X, Mon: S/M

Drive to Bundanoon YHA on Saturday morning or early afternoon, our base for the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, we will do the Amphitheatre walk at Bundanoon, which features cliffs in Sydney sandstone, with a side trip to Bundanoon Creek, total about 3 hrs. On Sunday, we will walk from Mt Waratah to Alexandra Park, Mittagong. We will start from the car park I use for the Hidden Creek walk, follow the Mt Waratah ridge and then descend to Hidden Ck and the Nattai River. We follow this river to Boxvale Creek (the lunch spot of the Boxvale walk) and then on to Gibbergunyah Creek and the Park. The walk is all on track and I have done all but about 5 km of it (I am told this bit is a bit rough in places). On Monday (the Anzac Day holiday), we will do a walk from Meryla Pass along the cliff line to a lookout near Yarrunga Creek with spectacular views of the gorges and ranges in the area. The YHA is an early 20th century home of delightful ambience. Shared meal on Saturday evening. Saturday and Sunday about 5 hrs walking. Maps: Picton, Bundanoon 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$150 per car, ~$40–50 per person Accommodation: ~ $50–$60.

View from Folly Point

Sun–Wed 25–28 April: Northern Budawangs: Sluice Box Falls, Styles Creek & Hidden Valley – M/R

Day 1 from Sassafras to camp at Folly Point on track. Day 2 Sluice Box Falls, Mt Elliott Pass to camp at Styles Creek. Off track, thick scrub in places, approx. 300 m descent and climb. Day 3 Explore from camp Hidden Valley, Sturgiss Mountain and Dark Brothers Cave, as time and energy permit. Day 4 return on track to cars via Vines and Newhaven Gap. Map: Endrick 1:25,000. Leader: Mike Ba. Transport: ~$35 per person. Limit: 6.

Track leading to Camel's Hump

Sunday 25 April: Camels Hump – M/E–M

A combined CBC and Parkway church ramble. Camels Hump is the regular-shaped pyramid seen from many parts of Canberra on the Tidbinbilla Range. A fire trail leads from the back of the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve to its base. A further short climb provides spectacular views over the west side of the Range into the wild Cotter River valley. Bring arvo tea to share. Around 13.5 km and 650m climb. Map: Tidbinbilla 1:25,000. Leader: John E. Please book with me, but make your own way to the meeting point. Transport: Meet at Parkway church, cnr Sulwood Dr and Tuggeranong Parkway, at 1.00 pm and we’ll car pool from there ~$5 per person. An entry fee of $10 per car (or $20 annual pass) applies at TNR. Further details at

Tuesday 27 April: Paddys Castle from Bungonia Creek – M–L/R/pt X

Bungonia – Red Track – Bungonia Crk – Slot Canyon – upstream to base of first waterfall – Paddys Castle – Jerrara Crk – Yellow Track – Bungonia. Great views, steep descent/ascent, scrambling, rock hopping. Maps: Bungonia, Caoura 1:25,000. Leader: Brian S. Transport: ~$100 per car, $25–$33 per person + park entry fee.

 1–2 May: Henry Moore, Primordial “Mother and Child” and Sams Creek – S/M–R

This rocky feature is on the western slopes of Sams Creek. Perhaps it was an inspiration for the great man? Is it still there post 2003 fire? The weekend involves a half day pack-walk each way, camp amongst the Black Sallees and a small-scale grid search for nature’s “sculpture”. Map: Yaouk 1:25,000 Leader: Rob H. Transport: $48 per car.

Saturday 1 May: Harrison’s Peak – M/E

A walk through open forest near Captain’s Flat, initially on a fire trail to Harrison’s Peak which has views from Mt Coree to the Tinderries. We then walk off track along a lovely open ridge, looping round to another ridge with spectacular views and then back to the cars. About 5¼ hrs actual walking. Home via the purple eatery. Map: Captains Flat 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$15

Sunday 2 May: Pardon Point – S/R

A long drive via Nerriga. Pardon Point has excellent views over Ettrema Gorge. It is a bit of a scrub bash to get to but we will cross bare rock slabs where we can. Optional descent below the cliffs onto the top of Transportation Spur. Map: Touga 1:25,000. Leader: Jeff B. Transport: ~350 km return. ~$130 per car, ~$32–$40 per person. Limit: 12.

Sunday 2 May: Show Us Your Limits - Talk and Walk – S/E

This ‘Talk and Walk’ is part of the ACT Centenary of Canberra events. Drive to Mt Franklin car park for a 2.00–2.30 talk by several speakers, followed by afternoon tea. From 3.00 pm  CBC members will lead a number of mini-walks (minimum 400 m back to car, maximum 2.7km) to view border markers. See for details of the walks. Maps: Tidbinbilla, Corin Dam and Cotter Dam 1:25000 Contact: John E. Transport: drive yourself.

The granite tors of Legoland

Tuesday 4 May: Orroral Ridge – S/M

An amble of approximately 10 km along a ridge investigating such interesting rocky outcrops as the Cloisters, the Belfry and Legoland (all rock climbing sites). Aside from a short section, this ridge walk will be mostly off-track. Great views over the Orroral River valley. Lunch in an overhang. Map: Corin Dam 1:25,000 Leaders: Monika B and Jeff B. Bookings to Monika.  Transport: ~90 km return, ~$33 per car, ~$8–$11 per person. Limit: 12

Mt Cloudmaker  in the Blue Mountains

(7)8–9 May: Cloudmaker and 100 Man Cave – L/M–R

Kanangra Walls to Mt Cloudmaker and the aptly-named 100 Man Cave and return. Leave Friday evening to camp near the Walls for an early start on Saturday. Mostly on track, but it’s broken quartzite underfoot at times with some scrub near the cave, and a scramble to get off the end of the Walls. Superb southern Blue Mountains views. Map: Kanangra 1:25,000. Leader: Meg M. Transport: ~500 km return, $185 per car, $46+ per person. Possibly a NP entry fee of $7 per car per day. Limit: 8

Saturday 8 May: Pig Hill – M/M

This romantically named walk is in/on the eastern side of the Brindabella National Park. The hill itself provides spectacular 360 degree views. From the locked gate on Doctor’s Flat Road above Dingo Dell, walk north on an old vehicular track through forest until morning tea when we will diverge east, off track to an open knoll for lunch. Thence join up the track to Pig Hill and back to the road. Short car shuffle. 4½ hrs actual walking. Map: Umburra 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$10

Mt Gudgenby

Saturday 8 May: Mt Gudgenby – M/R

A club classic. Great walk, great views from the top. Map: Yaouk 1:25 000, Leader: Jenny H and Quentin M. Bookings to Quentin. Transport: $48 per car.

Sunday 9 May: Orroral – M/R

Note change of date from 25 April. A circuit walk in the area south west of the Orroral Picnic Area. 400 metres climb. Hopefully lots of rocks to explore, but may also encounter thick scrub. Map: Rendezvous Creek 1:25,000. Leader: Roger E. Transport: ~$40 per car.

Tuesday 11 May: Border Markers south of Mt Gingera – L/M–R,ptX

Go flat out like a lizard drinking up Stockyard Spur and along the Mt Franklin fire trail to south of Mt Gingera. Follow the border through Blackfellows Gap and ‘Ginger Ale’ maybe as far as Rolling Ground Gap. Return along the road and down before sunset. Around 28 km and 1500m climb. Map: Corin Dam 1:25,000. Leader: John E. Transport: ~$10 per person. Further details at

For more walks, see the Program for last month and next month.

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The photo at the top shows a CBC party climbing a saddletopped with large granite tors on the way to Mt Gungartan in Kosciuszko National Park. The club regularly offers walks in this wilderness area (photo Jeff Bennetts).