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July 2010

The program for a month usually covers walks from the second Wednesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the following month. This page covers activities from the second Wednesday of July until the second Wednesday of August.

For more walks, see the Program for last month and next month.

If you are a non-member interested in taking part in Club activities, and want information about activities in the program click on to contact the club. Click on if you are seeking other information about the club.

If you are not familiar with the procedures of the Club, please read the Walk Information (see menu at left) for details of booking on a walk, gradings, our requirement that all walkers sign an acknowledgement of risks and obligations, equipment hire, search and rescue procedures, etc. For membership enquiries click on .

Wednesday 14 July: Wednesday walk

CBC continues its participation in the Wednesday walks program shared with FBI and NPA. Co-ordinator: Jeff B.

(16)17–18 July: Gorgeous Gorges Gourmet Weekend – M/M

Drive to Bundanoon YHA on Friday evening, our base for the weekend. On Saturday, we will have another go at the Nattai Gorge. Access to the Nattai will be via Boxvale at the southern end and, at the northern end, via the track which runs to the river from the Mt Waratah (Hidden Ck) car park between Mt Waratah and ‘The Crags’ property. Walk is expected to be 5–6 hrs. On Sunday, we will walk the spectacular and beautiful Bargo Gorge, twice as deep and twice as wide as Boxvale, on track, 4½ to 5 hrs walking. The YHA is a renovated early 20th century home of delightful ambience. Shared meal on Saturday evening. About 5 hrs walking each day. Maps: Picton, Mittagong 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$150 per car, ~$50 per person. Accommodation: ~ $60.

Saturday 17 July: Mt Domain – M/R

Walk along the fire trail to Fishing Gap then off track through patches of regrowth and with some rock scrambling to reach the peak. Lunch at the top whilst admiring views of Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and the Cotter Valley. Total climb of about 700m. Map: Tidbinbilla 1:25,000 Leader: Contact after 1 July, Mike Br. Transport: $36 per car + TNR entry fee. Limit: 8

Sunday 18 July: Mt Palerang – M/M

Palerang is a mountain near the Great Dividing Range south of the Kings Highway (the pointy one on the right as you approach Braidwood). Access is via Rossi and Forbes Creek. We won’t stay in the shadow (Stan has patented that walk!) but climb to the top. On a clear day you can see Braidwood, the Budawangs, the Brindabellas … and the Canberra water jet! The access ridges have moderate scrub and a few easy scrambles; there are also a few kilometres of fire trail walking. Map: Bombay 1:25,000. Leader: Jeff B. Transport: ~160km ret, ~$60 per car, ~$15–$20 per person. Limit: 12.

Tuesday 20 July: More border marker hunting on the Boboyan Divide and Scabby Range – L/M–R, pt X

(Rescheduled from 8 June.) Quickly insert to the 112 Mile marker via the Grassy Creek fire trail and a bit of scrub. Follow the border NE through the area where Mouat’s and Johnston’s surveying parties met in late April 1915 (enjoying a special dessert – half oranges hollowed out and filled with jelly (see p122 of Matthew Higgins’ Rugged Beyond Imagination). Continue on towards marker A86 on the steep SE slopes of Sentry Box Mountain. Exit down Grassy Creek to the Grassy Creek fire trail and so back. Around 21 km and 300 m climb. Maps: Shannons Flat, Yaouk 1:25.000. Leader: John E. Transport: ~$30 per person. Further details at

24–25 July: Booroomba Rocks and Deadmans Hill loop – M/R, M/M

We will leave Canberra early Saturday morning for Honeysuckle campground. From there we will follow a lovely track to Booroomba Rocks carpark and on to Booroomba Rocks where we will leave the track to scramble up some granite rocks. From the top we will have magnificent views! The return to Honeysuckle campground is mainly off track; we will set up camp when we get back. Sunday morning we will start off on track through Honeysuckle Creek to Booroomba carpark and follow the Alpine track to Bushfolds Flat. We will then follow the fire trail for a while and will walk back to Honeysuckle creek ‘off track’, on an old overgrown fire trail. The weekend can be joined for one day or both. Maps: Corin Dam 1:25,000 (Sat/Sun); Williamsdale 1:25,000 (Sun). Leaders: Austin K and Eva van G, please book with Austin. Transport: ~$35 per car. Accommodation: Camp at Honeysuckle ~$11 per person.

Saturday 24 July: Goorooyaroo and Mulligan’s Flat – M/M

This walk will transit these two adjacent parks which form the northern fringe of the ACT west of the Federal Highway. The former has great views and the latter is attractive woodland. We will meet at the Mulligan’s Flat car park in the suburb of Forde at 9.30 am, aim to finish the walk by 3. Go down Horse Park Rd, turn into Francis Forde Drive as per sign, then left into Amy Ackman Drive which will take you to the Mulligan’s Flat car park. Short car shuffle. Map: n/a. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: drive yourself but please book as usual; there may be someone from your area who needs a lift.

Sunday 25 July: Umbagong District Park – S/E, X

A combined CBC and Parkway church urban ramble. Something north of the lake. Stroll around Umbagong District Park between Macgregor, Holt and Latham on Gininderra Creek to see what is there. Around 7 km. Map: Hall 1:25,000. Leader: John E Transport: TBA. South-siders meet at Parkway church, cnr Tuggeranong Parkway and Sulwood Drive Kambah at 1 pm. Further details at

Saturday 31 July: Mt Foxlow – M/E–M

From the car park just off Woolcara Lane at the entrance to the Yanununbeyan Conservation Area, we will head off track until we meet the Foxlow fire trail, then about 2 km up Foxlow itself for lunch. Return initially along the fire trail then swing off track along a ridge through attractive light forest to end the day. Short car shuffle, about 5½ hours actual walking. Map: Captains Flat 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$15

Sunday 1 August: Race Point – M/M

A long drive via Nerriga. We walk from Touga Road to an isolated clifftop lookout over a grand, remote and rarely seen part of the Shoalhaven Gorge, between Water Race and Tail Race creeks. On the way we will explore the cliffs overlooking the Shoalhaven and Water Race Creek. Maps: Nerriga, Touga 1:25,000. Leader: Jeff B. Transport: ~350km return ~$130 per car, ~$32–$40 per person. Limit: 12.

Tuesday 3 August: Border Marker Hunting around Angle Crossing – M/M, X

An easy paced day east and west of Angle Crossing with a reasonable return time. The 100th led walk for CBC. With little previous hunting on the eastern border of the ACT, it will be interesting to see what this turns up. Around 14 km and 500 m climb. Map: Williamsdale 1:25,000. Leader: John E Transport: ~$10 per person. Further details at

Tuesday 3 August: Navigation Refresher 2010 #7 – an evening looking at PC software and GPS

An evening looking at the integration of GPS and digital maps and their use for walk planning and reporting. Routes, waypoints and tracks can be exchanged between suitably capable GPS and computer based mapping programs accessing digital maps. A walk can be planned in detail from the comfort of your armchair and the agony and ecstasy reviewed in detail afterwards. 7.30–10.00 pm. Bring a little supper to share. Presenter: John E Transport: Drive yourself to my home in Duffy. Further details at

7–8 August: Budawangs track clearing weekend from Wog Wog towards Corang Peak

Come and join us for a most rewarding and invigorating weekend clearing the track between Wog Wog and Corang Peak. As many of you will know parts of this track are heavily overgrown which detracts from the enjoyment of walking in the area. Last year Club members and National Park Rangers cleared a long section of the track from before Corang Peak through to the Conglomerate slopes. This year we would like to complete the unfinished section. There will be a car camp at the Wog Wog entrance to the park on Saturday night and camp fire with barbecue. We would encourage as many members as possible to come along to ensure that we can complete the work. Park rangers will be there to supervise and assist us. Leader: Rene D. Transport: ~$105 per car.

Saturday 7 August: Wild Cattle Creek – M/M

This walk is south of Captains Flat in the Tallaganda National Park. It is a wander, mostly off track, along ridges through light, open forest and along the wide open valley of Wild Cattle Creek and other watercourses. About 4 hours actual walking. Return via the purple eatery. Map: Tinderry 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$20

For more walks, see the Program for last month and next month.

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The photo at the top shows a CBC party climbing a saddletopped with large granite tors on the way to Mt Gungartan in Kosciuszko National Park. The club regularly offers walks in this wilderness area (photo Jeff Bennetts).