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Club Activity Program

October 2010

This page covers activities from the second Wednesday of October onwards.

For more walks, see the Program for last month and next month.

If you are a non-member interested in taking part in Club activities, and want information about activities in the program click on to contact the club. Click on if you are seeking other information about the club.

Please note: Bookings for all walks on a weekend must be made to the walk leader by 2pm on the Thursday immediately before. Some walks may be fully subscribed before this time so early booking is advisable.

If you are not familiar with the procedures of the Club, please read the Walk Information (see menu at left) for details of booking on a walk, gradings, our requirement that all walkers sign an acknowledgement of risks and obligations, equipment hire, search and rescue procedures, etc. For membership enquiries click on .

Saturday 9 October: Moonlight Hollow 2 – M/E

This walk follows good tracks through lush forest, mostly unaffected by the fires. We will follow the same route from Bulls Head to Bendora Arboretum (lunch) as the walk of this name earlier in the year but with a different return to the cars via disused logging roads, with running creeks and ferny gullies. About hours actual walking. Map: Tidbinbilla 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$15

Glow Worm Tunnel

10–15 October: Blue Mountains – day walking in spring from a base in Blackheath

Yes another trip in the Blue Mountains. If you were not able to join the earlier CBC trips perhaps this one will be the one for you. The NSW school holidays will have finished and the spring flowers should be blooming. I plan to do a variety of walks in this beautiful area using the Blackheath caravan park as a base. Here you can camp or hire an on-site van. What we do will be dependent on the weather and party members but I am keen to include Blue Gum Forest, walks in the Wentworth Falls area and possibly the Glow Worm Tunnel. We would travel to Blackheath on Sunday afternoon, spend Monday to Friday walking and return Friday afternoon. Maps: Katoomba, Mt Wilson, Cullen Bullen 1:25,000. Leader: Lorraine T. Transport: TBA Limit: 12.

Tuesday 12 October: Googong Dam Circumnavigation – L/E

A circumnavigation of Googong Dam mainly on fire trails but with some shortcuts of off track walking and river crossings. About 30–35 km with some climbs. Map: Hoskinstown, Captains Flat 1:25,000. Leader: Mike Br. Transport: $24 per car, $6–8 per person.

Wednesday 13 October: Wednesday walk – route to be advised

CBC continues its participation in the Wednesday walks program shared with FBI and NPA. Co-ordinator: Walks Secretary.

14–17 October: Tasmania – L/M–R

Lovely springtime walking on the peaks of the Derwent Bridge/Lake St Clair area. The plan is to leave Hobart at 7:00am on Thursday morning and drive to Lake St Clair. From there we will walk to Shadow Lake to set up camp. On Friday we will take day packs up to the Hugel ridgeline and walk around to Mt Hugel, before descending by the same route to Shadow Lake. Friday night will be spent at the basic accommodation at Derwent Bridge. On Saturday morning we will be taken by Maxwell’s Coach and dropped off at a point on the Lyell Highway opposite Mt Ronald Cross. From there we don packs and drop down into the Surprise River valley before ascending Eucryphia Ridge to a camp at Scoparia Lake. Options include Mt Ronald Cross on the Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Depending on the wishes of the party and the terrain, we may head south to Loddon Bluff on the Sunday. Return will be by the same route and met again by Maxwells coach for return to the cars safely parked at Derwent Bridge. Some participants might choose to join the trip for either the Mt Hugel or Mt Ronald Cross legs alone. Pace moderate. Bring full foul weather gear and water. Recommended for experienced walkers. Trip is being run in conjunction with the Hobart Walking Club. Maps: Rufus, Arrowsmith 1:25,000 Contact coordinator: David D; before 4 October. Transport: To be advised. Limit: 10

Flat Rock Island

(15)16–17 October: Durras weekend 2 – M/E

Leave Canberra Friday night, stay in comfortable cabins at Depot Beach. On Saturday, we will follow the coastal track to Snake Bay for morning tea then climb up to Durras Mt via an ancient logging track through magnificent forest. We will then follow the main track to Pretty Beach (lunch) and back to the cars via the beach and coast track. On Sunday, we’ll do the iconic Pigeon House, short but 480m climb. About 5 hrs walking on Saturday, 3 ½ hrs on Sunday. Maps: Kioloa, Milton 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$45, Accommodation: ~$50–70 depending on numbers.

Sunday 17 October: Mt Herlt – M/R

This walk starts from the Boboyan Road, crosses the lower area of Rendezvous Creek then climbs onto the ridge north of Middle Creek. Post fire regrowth is said to be a consideration but the objective is worth it. Map: Rendezvous Creek 1:25,000. Leader: Rob H. Transport: ~$40 per car.

Tuesday 19 October: Little Creamy Flats – L/R/X

From the Orroral Valley we will follow the AAWT to Pond Creek where we will attempt to follow the old vehicle track (the first part at least was barely distinguishable a year ago) to Little Creamy Flats. About 34 km including 9 km off track. Expect some thick regrowth and a total climb of 1200 m. Maps: Corin Dam, Rendezvous Creek 1:25000 Leader: Mike Br. Transport: $40 per car, $10 to $13.50 per person

Gangerang Range

(21)22–24 October: Kanangra Boyd NP – L/R

The route is Kanangra Walls – Gangerang Range – Dex Creek – Mt Strongleg – Mt Paralyser – Thurat Tops – Kanangra car park. Classic bushwalking country. Steep slog up Paralyser. Map: Kanangra 1:25,000 Leader: Ian S. Transport: ~$166 per car Limit: 8.

Saturday 23 October: Mt Waratah – M/M/(X)

This walk starts at the Mt Waratah car park and follows a track which I found recently which appears to contour around the base of the mountain. I don’t know where it ends up – at Hidden Ck, the Nattai or does it just fizzle out? We will find out. There is some other exploring I want to do in the area – exactly what will depend on where the track takes us. The walk is designed to find links that I might use later on another walk. Spectacular country. Map: Mittagong 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$100 per car, estimate per person $30

(23)24 October: Planting a mini field of ‘Pink Ladies’ on Mt Kosciuszko – Joint CBC/NPA Activity – S–M/E–M

From Thredbo we will take the chairlift and walk to Mt Kosciuszko to plant some mini-field of ‘pink ladies’ to raise awareness of the prevalence of breast cancer in our community. Depending on the snow conditions on the main range, we may take snowshoes. Saturday night accommodation will be at the Thredbo Youth Hostel. No fund-raising is involved. All welcome to join in the walk. Contact leader for more information and to book in. Map: Kosciusko 1: 50,000 Leader: Monika B. Transport: ~400 km return, $145 per car . Other costs are park entry fee, accommodation $20, and possible snow shoe hire of around $20. Limit: 16.

Tuesday 26 October: Circumnavigation of Mt Gudgenby (including border marker hunting) – L/R, pt X

From Yankee Hat car park, fire trails and footpads via Gudgenby Saddle to Sams Creek fire trail. Off track W and NW of Mt Gudgenby to hunt border markers N to S82 below ‘The Fortress’. Return to the N Gudgenby saddle and down to Bogong Creek. Follow it down to the open plain and back. Around 21km and 800m climb. Map: Yaouk 1:25,000. Leader: John E. Transport: ~$10 per person. Further details at

Saturday 30 October: The real Black Springs – L/R/X

A combined NPA/CBC walk from Tidbinbilla via Fishing Gap to the real Black Springs on the Cotter River. Apparently the real Black Springs are located about 1 km downstream of where they are shown on the map. Around 15 km, 800 m total climb including thick regrowth and river crossings. Expect about 10 hours of walking time. Map: Tidbinbilla 1:25,000. Leader: Mike B.  Transport: $32 per car, $8–10 per person. Further Information: NPA Bulletin, Vol. 23 No. 3, March 1986, page 18 Limit: 8.

Saturday 30 October: Queanbeyan River – S/E–M

Park at Apple Box Flat on Woolcara Lane off Captains Flat Rd. Walk mostly off track along the ridges in the vicinity of the river with a sandy spot on the river for lunch then back to the cars. A light and easy walk. About 4 hrs walking. Map: Captains Flat 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568 (h), 6274 7350 (w) or Transport: ~$15

Badgery's Spur - Shoalhaven River

30–31 October: Shoalhaven River and Rainbow Ridge – M/R

Descend Badgerys Spur ~500 metres to the Shoalhaven, then ascend ~400 metres to Mt Pollock and descend again via steep and narrow Rainbow Ridge to an attractive campsite near a big pool on the river. Next day, wander five to six kms downstream to Badgerys, then back up the Spur to the cars. Great views, pleasant river walking and swimming, several river crossings (wear suitable runners or sandshoes). Map: Caoura 1:25,000. Leader: Meg M. Transport: ~$100 per car, $25–$33 per person.

Sunday 31 October: Gigerline Trig – S/M

Tharwa Bridge – the river – climb to the trig then return. A pleasant walk with good views from the top. Map: ACT 1:100,000. Leader: Rob H.  Transport: ~$24 per car.

Sunday arvo 31 October: Canberra International Arboretum – S/E

A combined CBC/Parkway church ramble. Wander the Canberra International Arboretum, which is open to the public on Sundays. Around 5km and 200m climb. Map: Canberra 1:25,000. Leader: John E.  Transport: Drive yourself – meet at 1.15pm at the entrance to the Arboretum near the Tuggeranong Parkway overpass. Further details at

Fri–Sun 5–7 November: The Dargals – S–M/M–R

Approximately 25km in a less visited part of Koszciusko NP. We will walk along the Dargals fire trail crossing the Tooma River to Wheeler’s Hut from where there are great views to be had of Mt Jagungal. The next day we climb (with day packs) the Big Dargal (approx. 400m ascent) and, possibly, the nearby Dargal Peak. Alternatively, we could explore Broadway Plain. On the Friday, we exit via the Snakey Plain Firetrail. Wet feet from crossing the Tooma. A 3km road bash back to the car or a car shuffle. Map: Khancoban 1:50,000. Leader: Monika B. Transport: ~400 km return (over Boboyan Road) ~$145 per car + park entry fee (which may be waived if going in the leader’s car). Limit: 12

(5) 6-7 November: Ben-Boyd NP – M/M

A walk from Saltwater Creek along the Light to Light track to Green Cape and return. An excellent opportunity to see whales on their southward migration. Friday night departure from Canberra. Maps: Kiah, Narrabarba 1:25,000. Leader: Sandy B. Transport: ~$222 per car

Saturday 6 November: Mt Namadgi – L/R

An invitation is extended to you to join my fourth annual birthday champagne luncheon on Mt Namadgi. In and out the easiest way via Middle Creek and Big Creamy Flats. An iconic location, but a big day of over 13 hours walking. Around 26km and 800m climb. Maps: Yaouk, Rendezvous Creek 1:25,000. Leader: John E.  Transport: ~$15. Further details at Limit: 12.

Saturday 6 November: Bonnum Pic – L/M

This is an exploratory walk (for me). John Evans did it recently and I want to see whether ordinary mortals can do it. I have the advantage of his track notes. Spectacular country in the Nattai-Mittagong area. Distance: 16.4km. Climb: 400m, 5½ hrs actual walking. Map: Hill Top 1:25,000. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: ~$35 per person

Monday evening, 8 November: The Pinnacles – S/E

This is the first of a series of walks of 1½ to 2 hours on most Monday and Thursday evenings during daylight saving, starting at 6.30pm and ending around sunset. Meet at 6.30 at the end of Dungowan St, Hawker for a walk with views of the Brindabellas. No need to book. Map: n/a Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568(h), 6274 7350(w), Transport: drive yourself

Tuesday 9 November: The ACT’s NE Border – L/E, pt X

Starting at 1pm, an afternoon and into the evening stroll along the ACT’s NE border on the N of Kowan Forest. All on fire trail. We should at least make Amungula trig. Around 19km and 250m climb. Map: Bungendore 1:25,000. Leader: John E.  Transport: ~$5 per person. Further details at

Wednesday 10 November: Wednesday walk – route to be advised

CBC continues its participation in the Wednesday walks program shared with FBI and NPA. Co-ordinator: Walks Secretary TBA.


For more walks, see the Program for last month and next month.

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The picture at the top of this page is of the Murramarang National Park on the South Coast of New South Wales. Club walks extend to the coast and the area around Mt Durras (on the right of the photo) is a favourite destination for cabin-based walking weekends (photo David Briese).