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Not yet a member? You are welcome to participate in up to three activities before joining. To express interest to a leader whose contact details are not displayed, email - the leader will contact you. If you are not familiar with the procedures of the Club, please read the Walk Information.

Wednesday Walks: Two walks, one 'Medium-Easy' and one 'Medium-Hard', are conducted most Wednesdays. Walks are conducted in turn by leaders from the Canberra Bushwalking Club (CBC), Brindabella Bushwalking Club (BBC coordinators are Peter and Kathy ) and National Parks Association ACT (NPA coordinator Mike S, 0412 179 907). Destination and meeting place details are emailed a few days before each walk. Control your receipt of Wednesday Walk emails via your membership profile. Contact John, co-ordinator of Wednesday Walks, via for general enquiries. If you are not a member of CBC, BBC or NPA you must contact the leader before the walk to discuss the level of difficulty and must be accompanied on the walk by a sponsoring member. Please note that leaders retain the right to not accept any walker.

Short-notice walks and Wednesday Walks are added to this list. Club members who wish to be alerted by email when Short Notice walks are added, please logon and edit your profile accordingly.

Friday–Sunday 16–18 September: Perisher Range snowshoe – S–M/M

Day snowshoe trips from Perisher. Travel to Perisher on Friday evening. We will stay 2 nights in 4-share bunk room self-catered lodge accommodation at Perisher and select from a series of day trips up to ~15 km based on weather and the ability of the group. Possible routes include Porcupine Rocks, Farm Creek & The Paralyser, Snowy River / Ilawong, Betts Camp, Charlotte Pass via snowcat shuttle. This is an introductory snowshoe weekend for members who would like to try it out for the first time; experienced members are also welcome. Return drive Sunday evening to Canberra. Map: Perisher Ski Touring. Leader: Rowan Peck Transport: $40 + park entry fees and Charlotte Pass shuttle if applicable Accommodation: $40 per night based on 4 share. Limit: 8. Book by email by 5 September, pre-pay accommodation by 7 September.

Saturday 17 September: In the shadow of Palerang – M/E–M

A walk in the Tallaganda National Park. From the Black Range car park, follow trails to the ford where the Jinglemoney fire trail crosses Mulloon Creek for morning tea. Then along the Palerang fire trail before swinging west off track for about an hour to the creek and the Mulloon fire trail back to the cars. Mostly on track. About 5 hours actual walking. Map: Bombay. Leader: Stan Marks or 6254 9568(h). Transport: ~$20.

Saturday 17 September: #3 Route following and position fixes with map and compass – M/E–M

This is in the hills at the back of Kambah with lunch at the bottom of Red Rock Gorge. Visitors just for the walk are welcome. Around 10 km and 300 m climb. Map: Tuggeranong. Leader: Rob Horsfield 6231 4535,

Sunday 18 September: Long-time walkabout – L/E

There is something special about walking at night-time. Vision is narrowed and hearing heightened, with the chance to see different creatures. Full moon on 17 September may give us light on a cloud-free night. From Orroral Valley, walk via the AAWT to Cotter Hut, then via the Cotter Hut Road and Lick Hole Road to the top of Corin Dam. Return at night via the Cotter Hut Road. A ‘day’ walk, but extra food, headlight and band aids required. Around 48 km and 1200 m climb taking around 16 hours. Geocache GC2GDAN Waterfront Views. Maps: Corin Dam and Rendezvous Creek. Leader: John Evans, 0417 436 877. Transport: ~$15 per person.

Sunday 18 September: The Pimple – L/R

In Tidbinbilla, we walk up the Camels Back Fire Trail to the skyline ridge near the Camels Hump. Then it’s off track and up the ridge over Johns Peak and Tidbinbilla Peak. Thence to a scrubby spur leading out to the Pimple. We might find there the Tingaringi Gum, which is rare in the ACT. Return via same route. Around 20 km and 1000 m climb. Meet at Kambah shops at 7:00 am. This walk is being run in conjunction with the BBC. Map: Tidbinbilla. Leader: David Dedenczuk 0417 222 154, Transport: $30 per car. Book by Friday 16 September.

Tuesday 20 September: Tidbinbilla traverse, Snowy Corner to Fishing Gap – M/R

A scenic ridge walk, some of it on pad or cut track, taped route most of the way. If we have enough vehicles, we may organise a shuffle between Mountain Creek and Fishing Gap car parks. If not, we’ll park at the Ashbrook Fire Trail track head, and follow the fire trail to Mountain Creek car park, then follow the Lyrebird Trail a short distance, then the pad to the top on the range at Snowy Corner. Then it’s off-track (although a taped route has been established) south along the range, into a deep saddle, then onto the twin peaks of Mt Domain. The descent from Mt Domain follows a taped route and developing pad, before we join the track cut by the Green Army, which eases the final descent into Fishing Gap. A stroll on the fire trail will round off the day. Despite pads and well-trodden routes, it will be a long day over rough terrain. Around 9+km and 800 m climb. Map: Tidbinbilla. Leader: Trevor Lewis, 6288 1495 Book: until 5 pm Monday 19 September. Transport: ~$8.

Wednesday 21 September: Wednesday Walks – see details at top

Coordinated by BBC Kathy Handel and Peter Wellman.

Thursday 22 September: Jerrabomberra Lake PRAMbulation – S/E

Unknown to most Canberrans, this serene and green walk includes a park filled with mature trees, waterbirds, some views across paddocks, and opportunities to gawk at mansions. One of the most scenic PRAMbulations. The route is designed for parents or grandparents with kids in strollers. About 1 hour of walking, a there-and-back route so there is an option to sit out for part of the walk if your baby won’t settle. Non-members welcome. No need to book. Meet in the bitumen car park off Bayside Circuit (at the back of nos 77–79 Bicentennial Drive), Jerrabomberra, at 1pm. Leader: Sue V. Map: Google maps. Transport: Drive yourself.

Friday 23 September: Toddlers’ toddle Murrumbidgee River – S/M

Meet at 9.45 am in the bitumen car park under the bridge that crosses the Murrumbidgee, near Cotter Reserve. (Turn into the Cotter Campground, then left to head back towards the car park under the bridge). A walk designed to introduce kids 1 to 3 years to walking on uneven ground. A 300 metres circuit to a bank of the Murrumbidgee River that has a flat stretch of rounded stones, just the right size for throwing into the water. Just downstream from the junction with the Cotter River, the water is clearer here than in most of the Murrumbidgee. We should be finished by noon. No need to book. Leader: Meredith Hatherly 6154 1513, 0413 39625 Map: Google Maps. Transport: Drive yourself.

Sat–Sun 24–25 September: #4 A weekend off-track in the Namadgi with map and compass – M/M–R

This is in the Grassy and Naas Creek areas with a side trip up Sentry Box. Visitors just for the trip are welcome. Around 25 km and 600 m climb over two days. Map: Yaouk. Ph 6231 4535, or to book.

Saturday–Sunday 24–25 September: Naas Creek Valley geocaching ride + Sentry Box – L/M–R

Saturday – ride 6 km with full packs on the Old Boboyan Road (South) and dump packs at Lutons crutching shed. Continue to ride up the Naas Creek Valley via Sams Creek fire trail, then up the Maurice Luton fire trail and over the border into NSW for geocaches. 17 km and 350 m climb round trip. Next, along the Grassy Creek fire trail for further waypoints in GC1DZYD A–Z Namadgi Tours. Distance unknown. Camp with Rob and Jenny’s Navigation Refresher and Sean’s Sentry Traverse parties. Sunday – tag along for the climb to Sentry Box Mountain 9 km return and 560 m climb and GC1GP38 Cache of the Sentry. Ride out. Map: Yaouk. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 Transport: $20 per person.

Saturday–Monday 24–26 September: Sentry traverse – Day 1 & 3 S/E; Day 2 L/R

Day 1 Slow and gentle walk from Old Boboyan Road Car Park to Lutons Shed on Sat afternoon (~7 km). Set up base camp at Lutons Shed and enjoy the company of Navigation refresher #4 participants. Day 2 Lutons Shed to Sentry Box as Navigation refresher #4 tagalongs (~6 km). Weather permitting we will continue on to Sentry Mountain and Sentry Rock returning to Lutons Shed via Lutons and Sams Creek Fire Trails (~14 km). This will be a long hard day of walking, some scrub, and it may be dark when we finish. Day 3 Slow and gentle walk to the cars on Mon morning (~7 km). Map: Yaouk. Leader: Sean Sunley 0433 073959, Transport: $60 per car. Book: preferably by email before 1800 Thu. Limit: 8.

Saturday–Monday 24–26 September: Jervis Bay – various grades

I have booked a large house at Vincentia for the weekend. Leave Canberra Saturday morning and, on Saturday afternoon, visit the Botanic Gardens (a branch of those here) from about 2–3.30 pm and then from 3.45 to 5.15, visit the Caves Beach area, a very different place in the same area. On Sunday, walk to Steamers Beach, St Georges Head and Summerland Bay through coastal forest and heath with many sea views, and morning tea and lunch on beaches. 4½ hours actual walking. The house is well equipped so shared meals in-house both nights. We will do the Abrahams Bosom track, about 2½ hours, on the northern side of Jervis Bay at Callala Bay on the Monday morning before returning home. Maps: Sussex Inlet, Huskisson, Currarong. Leader: Stan Marks 6254 9568, Transport: $60. Accommodation: ~$90–$100 for weekend, assuming a full house.

Sunday 25 September: Lake Burley Griffin – East Basin and Jerrabomberra Wetlands – S/E

This walk takes us from the Carillon in a loop around the East Basin of Lake Burley Griffin with an excursion into Jerrabomberra Wetlands. This is a relaxing walk with the possibility of sighting a large number of bird species, especially water birds in their natural habitat. There is some shade but most of the walk is in the open. Total distance only 10 km so home for lunch. Map: Canberra & Jerrabomberra-Wetlands-brochure. Leader: Philip Starr 0419 281 096, Transport: Drive yourself but tell me when you book if you need a ride. Booking: Please book by email before 2pm Friday 23 September.

Tuesday 27th September: Nadgigomar Nature Reserve — L/R

This is a mainly off-track walk in the Durran Durra section of Nadgigomar Nature Reserve, 15 km north of Braidwood. From the Euradux Road entrance we will follow a maze of spurs and gullies with many short, steep ascents. We’ll stop near the Shoalhaven River for lunch before returning on a different route. The going is either quite open, in dry sclerophyll woodlands or slower going through Casuarina forests. Minimum distance: 18 km with 500 metres of ascent. Map: Durran Durra. Leader: Ian Wright 6286 1473, Transport: 201 km return. Limit: 8.

Tues 27 Sep: #5 An evening introduction to GPS

This is at the home of Jenny & Rob Horsfield. Garmin Etrex GPSs, ~2003 to 2008 supplied. Ph 6231 4535, to book.

Wednesday 28 September: Wednesday Walks

Coordinated by CBC Eric Pickering and NPA Mike Smith

Friday–Saturday 30 September-1 October (school holidays): Wave Cave adventure – S/R

A walk designed for families to camp in the Wave Cave, a dramatic overhang in a sandstone cliff in the northern Budawangs. From the Nerriga–Nowra road we cross a plateau of forest and flowering heath, then climb down through a very narrow slot in the cliff to a beautiful amphitheatre, before crossing Bainbrig Creek and climbing up to the Wave Cave to camp. The cave floor gives a good choice of flat areas. Unless the forecast is windy, tents are optional. Please bring a fuel stove – we will not have a camp fire. Return by a slightly different route on Sunday. Around 5 km and 4 hours actual walking per day. The terrain is a very rough mixture of scrub, boulders, and steep slopes. Main descent/ascent 150 metres. Two hours drive from Queanbeyan. Suit families with bushwalking experience and active kids 7 years and over; if you have younger kids please discuss with me first. Adults without kids welcome, but booking preference will go to families. Map: Nerriga. Leader: Linda Groom 0474 507 259 but will not answered between 19 Aug and 25 Sept. Transport: Drive yourself or $80 per car if shared. Limit: 12.

(Friday 30 September)–Tuesday 4 October: Upper Tonalli area, southern Blue Mtns – M/R

A four day walk with a base camp for three nights on the Tonalli River to explore both sides of the spectacular gap in the Coach and Horses, upper Tonalli Range. Day 1: From the Oberon Stock Route–Mt Armour FT junction, follow the fire trail to Tonalli Gap, traverse Mootik Walls to Colong Gap, descend to a pleasant campsite on the Tonalli R. Day 2: Walk around the base of Mt Yuburra to ascend the western side of The Coach and Horses gap. Day 3: Climb up behind Zucchetti Head, follow the ridgeline to the eastern side of the Coach and Horses gap, then out to Rodwell Head above Byrnes Gap. Day 4: Return along the FT to reach the cars by lunchtime. Camping on the Tonalli should avoid a dry camp in Butchers Creek (assuming there has been some decent rain over winter/early spring to put pools in the Tonalli). Some scrub and rock-scrambling, clear ridges with great views of the Blue Breaks, spectacular wildflowers. Approx 42 kms, 1000 m up and down in small rises. Also on the CMW program. Maps: Yerranderie, Bindook. Leader: Meg M. Transport: $180 per car. Limit: 8.

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