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Examples of Walking Terrain

These sets of photos are intended to give an idea of the different terrain gradings used on club walks. Click on the tab you wish to view.

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Rough
  • Wet
  • Prambulation

Photos from club walks categorised as Easy (E)

Grassy track walking beside the Murrumbidgee River near Tharwa
- photo M Bremers

Grassy track, Bushfold Flats
- photo P. Conroy

Coastal track near Point Upright, Murramarang National Park

'Easy' tracks may include swing bridges, Rees-Dart Circuit, NZ
- photo L. Groom

Alpine track, en route to Mt Feathertop
- photo B. Keeley

Fire trail, part of Heysen Trail SA
- photo P. Conroy

Fire trail walking near Grassy Creek, Namadgi National Park
- photo A. Milton

On Easy grade walks, morning tea is rarely rushed
- photo M.McKone

Photos from club walks categorised as Medium (M)

Semi-open forest is typical 'medium' terrain, Nungar Ridge
- photo M. Bremers

Open forest with some trip hazards, Mt Bollard
- photo Phil Gatenby

Leaping a small creek on a 'medium' walk, near Wambagugga Swamp
- photo L. Groom

Tussocky grass in Middle Creek, Namadgi National Park
- photo M. Bremers

Easy, shallow river crossings may occur in 'medium' walks, Nadgigomar
- photo P. Conroy

Medium walks may include straight-forward rock scrambling,
Cross Cut Saw, Victoria - photo P. Conroy

Photos from club walks categorised as Rough (R)

Rough walks often follow rocky creeks, Koolpin Gorge, Kakadu
- photo L.Groom

Negotiating granite boulders, en route to Billy Billy Rocks
- photo L. Padgham

Rocky ground, Chewings Range, Central Australia
- photo M. McKone

Pack-passing during descent of Ampitheatre Falls, Kakadu
- photo L.Groom

Slow going through scrub, upper Allum River Canyon
- photo K. Cody

Crossing a 3 wire bridge requires a head for heights! New Zealand
- photo P.Conroy

Rough walks can include head-high scrub, Kanangra
- photo D.Williams

Rock scrambling, Myall Creek (tributary of Ettrema)
- photo D. Williams

Granite gorges are typical rough walking, Kowmung River
photo - D. Ortiz

Photos from club walks categorised as Wet (W)

No Name Canyon

Wading on the Green Gully Track, Oxley Wild Rivers NP
- photo K. Cody

Deep wades are common on walks graded wet, Genoa River
- photo D. Williams

Compulsory swim, Kangaroo Creek, Carr Boyd Ranges, WA
- photo L. Groom

Wading in Ettrema Creek
- photo L. Groom

Liloing trip, Dufaurs Creek, Blue Mountains
- photo K. Cody

Canyons are often graded "wet", Dargan Canyon, Blue Mountains
- photo K. Cody

Canoeing on the Murray River

Photos from club walks categorised as pram- and stroller-friendly (Prambulation)

Dirt firetrail in the suburban fringe
- photo L. Groom

Sealed bike/pedestrian path through parklands
- photo L. Groom













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