Newsletter and Publications

Front covers of five issues of newsletter


We publish an online newsletter every month except January. The newsletter is called “It”.

“It” includes trip reports, articles, photos, recipes and the activity program. It also has a Bulletin Board where Club Members can list non-Club walks and make other short announcements.

Here is a typical issue of the newsletter.

The full set of newsletters – current and archived – is available to Members only. There is no public access to current and archived newsletters via this web site. Access for logged-in members is via the ‘View and search newsletters’ link from their dashboard.

To offer articles, contact the Editor. To offer content for the Bulletin Board, contact the Walks Secretary.

Finding your way in the bush

The book ‘Finding your way in the bush’ by George Carter was published by the Club in 2007. Since 2015, copies have been provided to all new Club members. Members of the public can buy a copy from the Club Treasurer for $10 plus postage.

‘Finding your way in the bush’ contains chapters on maps used by bushwalkers, compasses, basic use of a GPS, taking advantage of different landforms, and choice of route.

50th anniversary book

In 2011, to celebrate the Club’s 50th anniversary, we published a book (PDF) of recollections.