Walking along a rock balcony, Bainbrig Cliffs, photo Karl Grigulis

Thinking of walking with us? Here is what you need to know to get started.

Need more info?¬†Wisdom, practical tips, help with this website – it’s all here.

Equipment and food

Advice on the gear you need for day walks and multi-day walks, and on food planning. And recipes!

Family activities

Information about our activities for toddlers and about adventures for older kids.


How we grade terrain from ‘Easy’ to ‘Rough’. Grading information helps you choose a walk that’s right for you.

Guidelines for participants

What you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

Minimal impact bushwalking

How to tread lightly in natural areas.


Notes from some of our training courses on navigation with a GPS.

Wednesday walks

As an interclub activity, Wednesday Walks have special rules.

Help with this web site

How to request a booking, how to view your walk history, and much more.


To other bushwalking, conservation and outdoor adventure sites.

Image: Walking along a rock balcony, Bainbrig cliffs, Morton National Park by Karl Grigulis