Getting started

How to make a booking for a walk

  • What’s On >> Current Activities
  • Browse the list till you find an activity that interests you
  • Hit the activity title (or the blue triangle, or the image) to see more detail
  • Note whether the activity is ‘Need to book’ or ‘No need to book’.
  • If ‘Need to book’ = no:
    • Make a note of the meeting place and time. For all ‘no need to book’ walks except Wednesday Walks, just turn up.
  • If ‘Need to book’ = Yes:
    • Hit ‘Request a Booking’. If you are not a member or registered guest, hit ‘Continue as Guest’. If are a member or registered guest, log in.
    • If this is your first activity with this leader, please describe your fitness level and experience in the ‘Comments’ box.
    • Hit ‘Send booking request’; the leader will contact you.

Don’t hesitate to send an Inquiry to the Leader if you need any information about the walk, or equipment, or any other aspect.

Gradings and activity descriptions

The activity grading (e.g. M/E, meaning Medium length, Easy terrain) and the description are there to help you assess your ability to complete the walk safely and enjoyably.


On most walks there is a car pooling system with shared transport costs. This cost covers both fuel and maintenance and running costs of the vehicle. The current transport rate is 39c per kilometre, shared amongst all participants including drivers. There may also be park entry fees and camping fees. The leader will contact you about transport arrangements a few days before the walk. If you have a suitable car, please be prepared to offer your vehicle once you know how the car pooling system works. For more details please see the Transport Pooling Guidelines.


Bushwalking and other outdoor activities involve risks that could lead to injury, illness or death or to loss of or damage to your property. The Club has policies and procedures to help manage risks, but you remain responsible for your own safety. Before each activity you must acknowledge your risks and obligations.

What happens if an activity finishes late?

Late finishes are rare, but can happen. Before the walk, please let anyone who is likely to worry about your late return know that the first contact point is the Club’s Check-In Officer, not the police or National Parks service.

Wednesday Walks

Wednesday walks are organised collaboratively by three Canberra Clubs – the Brindabella Bushwalking Club, the National Parks Association (ACT) and the CBC. All Wednesday Walks are no-need-to-book walks, but please read the Wednesday Walk participation rules before you turn up at the meeting point.

Further information

For more detailed information on what you can expect on a walk and what we expect from you, see Guidelines for participants.

Gudgenby Meadows, Namadgi National Park

Image: Gudgenby meadows, Namadgi National Park – an example of ‘easy’ terrain