Walk gradings in our club consist of two to four letters. The first letter indicates the length of the walk. The second letter indicates the type of terrain. For some walks, third and fourth letters are used to indicate that the walk is Exploratory or Wet. For example ‘M/R/X/W’ means a walk is Medium in length, with Rough terrain, is Exploratory, and Wet.

For activities other than walks, such as kayaking or snoe-showing, the Leader may advertise the activity with no grading, or with as much of the Walk Grading letters as apply. If you come across an activity without a grading, the Activity Description will let you judge distance and difficulty.

Not sure whether your experience has prepared you for a particular grade walk? The Walk Leader will be happy to discuss that with you.


  • (S) Short – under 12km/day
  • (M) Medium – 12-20km/day
  • (L) Long – over 20km/day.

In calculating distance, 1 km is added for every 100 metres climbed.


  • (E) Easy – firetrail, tracks, beaches etc.
  • (M) Medium – bush tracks, alpine areas, some scrub.
  • (R) Rough – much scrub, steep climbs, rock scrambles.
  • (W) Wet – compulsory swims, many river crossings.
  • (X) eXploratory – unknown to walk leader.