Activity offer form – data

Activity Name

Required data. Enter here the name of the activity you are offering e.g. ‘Pryors Hut and Gingera’.


Required data. Select Part-Day, Single-Day or Multi-Day. This information can be used in searches of Current and Archived Activities, and is also used in the Club’s statistics.  When Duration is Part-Day or Single-Day, Start Date and End Date must be the same date.

Activity type

Required data. Tick at least one type and as many more types as you wish. For example, for a weekend where you will be walking from a car-based camp site, tick ‘Walk’ and ‘Car camp’. People will sometimes use Activity Type when they are searching Current and Archived Activities, and it is also used in the Club’s statistics.

Travelling date

Optional data. Only use it if you intend to travel on a day prior to the Start Date of the activity. For instance, if you intend to drive on a Friday evening, and start walking on Saturday morning. Do not enter any data into Travelling Date if you will be travelling on the same day you start walking.

In the What’s On listing, the System will display Travelling Date in brackets e.g. (Fri 05) Sat 06 August 2018 – Sun 07 August 2018

Start Date

Required data. Use it for the date on which you intend to start the activity i.e. start the actual walking, skiing etc.

End Date

Required data. Use it for the date on which you intend to finish the activity (usually the date on which you get back to Canberra).

Using the calendar to enter dates

Click in the empty box to display the calendar. Select the date on the calendar. Click on the symbols < < and   > to move through the months.

Some dates in the calendar will be greyed out i.e. not clickable. If you entered a Travelling Date, the System will not let you enter a Start Date that is earlier than your Travelling Date. And the System will not let you enter an End Date that is earlier than your Start Date.

You cannot type dates directly; you have to use the calendars.

Grading of activity

We designed the System so that Gradings are optional data, because gradings do not apply to some events e.g. social events, and there is no widely-accepted CBC grading system for some types of activities such as canoe trips. But please consider grading as required data if the activity is a walk.

To enter a grading, hit the buttons – for example, for a Short length, Easy terrain walk, hit ‘Short’ on the Length line, and ‘Easy’ on the Terrain line.

Use ‘Not applicable’ if you think the grading options do not sensibly apply e.g. for a canoe trip on Lake Burley Griffin, ‘terrain’ would generally be considered not applicable. For a social event, both length and terrain are generally not applicable.


Required data. Please enter enough information to give people some idea of the route of the walk, its highlights, and level of difficulty. Up to 250 words.

Map Names

Required data. Please enter the map name(s) e.g. Corin Dam. Please also enter the scale(s) if you know the scale and it is other than 1:25,000  e.g. Tombong 1:50,000.

Map Link

Optional data. Use this field if there is an online version of the map. For example, if you entered in Map name: Cooleman Ridge Nature Reserve, you can enter here the URL of the PDF of this map on the Canberra Nature Parks web site.


Required data. Enter here the estimated cost of shared transport e.g. ‘$10 per person if 4 in car’ or ‘$66 per car’. Alternatively you can enter the distance e.g. ‘220 km return’ so that participants can estimate the costs using the Club’s formula for Transport Costs.

You can also enter here any other information relevant to transport e.g. ‘AWD/4WDs needed’.

Activity limit

Optional data. If you wish to set a limit, enter here the maximum number of participants. Club policy sets a usual maximum of 16 participants; the Walks Secretary may give you permission for a higher limit after considering the nature of the activity, presence of co-leaders etc.

Leaders 1, 2 and 3

The activity must have at least one leader. Enter that person’s name at Leader 1 – Name, using the drop-down arrow to select from the list of approved Club leaders. If there is a second or third leader, enter their names in Leader 2 and Leader 3. All three leaders will be able to see the activity’s status and bookings, and all three have the same powers to cancel the activity, accept bookings, check-in, post a trip report, and other actions.

Second and third leaders will receive emailed noticed about the status of the activity – for instance when the Walks Secretary approves the activity. They will also receive an email if one of the three leaders cancels the activity.

However, only the first leader will receive any automatically-generated emails about bookings – for instance, if someone cancels their booking request. This is to reduce the amount of email traffic to second and third leaders.

Inquiries sent via the ‘Inquiry’ command, which displays at the foot of the detailed view of any current activity, will be emailed to the first leader only.

Extended activity description

Optional data. This field allows you to attach a file to your offered activity – for example, a spreadsheet of a day-by-day itinerary, or a jpeg of a route map. The System will accept files with any of these extensions:

.jpeg and .jpg


Optional data. Usually used for total ascent in metres.


Optional data. Usually used for total descent in metres.

Type of terrain

Optional data. Use any wording you wish, for example ‘Mainly on firetrail and foot tracks, with about 1 km off track though open forest’.

Activity location map

Optional data. Use this map if you want to give prospective participants an idea of the location of the start or main feature of an activity.

If you don’t want to use the map, don’t click on the red marker. If the red marker is untouched, the activity will display in Current Activities with a blank space instead of the map. Once you move the red marker, the map will display in Current Activities.

To use the map (example – for a walk to Nursery Swamp)

  • Click anywhere on the map
  • Use your mouse wheel, or the minus button (which displays under the plus button, in the lower right of the map) to zoom out until you can see most of the ACT.
  • Drag the red marker southwards – by clicking on the red marker and holding your mouse button down while moving the mouse – until you think the middle of the map is roughly in the correct spot. In the Nursery Swamp example, the correct spot would be somewhere in the green area west of Michelago. Release the mouse button.
  • Zoom in a little.
  • Change from Map to Satellite (upper left corner). You should be able to recognise the big grassy Orroral Valley, and to the south of it the big grassy area of Rendezvous Creek/Gudgenby grasslands.
  • Zoom in a little more and you should see the smaller grassy area between Orroral Valley and Rendezvous Creek, which is Nursery Swamp. Drag the red marker to the middle of Nursery Swamp.

Accommodation information

Optional data. Enter here any information about accommodation e.g. ‘Lodge accommodation at Mt Hotham, $35 per person per night twin share.’

Target audience

Optional data. Here you can select whether your activity should be included in emailed alerts sent by the System.


If you select ‘All’ your activity will be included in the reminder email sent out automatically each week of all activities scheduled for that week.  (Members can opt out of receiving these emails.) NOT FULLY TESTED AS AT 13 MAY 2017.

Wednesday Walks

Please select this if your offered walk is part of the inter-club Wednesday Walks series. Your walk details will be included in the email sent out by the CBC Wednesday Walks Co-ordinator to CBC members who have chosen to receive Wednesday Walk emails, a few days before the walk. NOT FULLY TESTED AS AT 13 MAY 2017. Members need to opt in to receive these emails.  You will still need to send your Wednesday walk to so that the other two clubs receive it.

Short notice

Select this if you consider your walk to be short notice.

Generally, a Short Notice activity is defined as one that is added to the Current Activities list seven days, or less, before the activity’s Start Date. However, there is some flexibility in this definition, based on these considerations:

  • Once a week, presently on Tuesdays, the System sends an email alert of all activities in the upcoming week, to all members who have indicated they want to receive such emails. If you are offering an activity for the following Sunday, this general email on the Tuesday should be sufficient notice.
  • On the other hand, if you are offering a five-day-long trip that starts in eight days’ time, it would be reasonable for you to flag it as a short-notice activity, because members need additional notice to prepare for a long trip.

If you flag an activity as short notice, the System will send an email to the short-notice list within 24 hours of your offered activity being approved. NOT FULLY TESTED AS AT 13 MAY 2017.  (Members can opt out of receiving these emails.)

Family activities

Select this if the activity is suitable for families.  Your activity will be included in the reminder email sent out automatically once each month of all family activities scheduled for that month.  (Members can opt out of receiving these emails.) NOT FULLY TESTED AS AT 13 MAY 2017.

Do participants need to book?

Required data. Select Yes or No. If you select ‘No’, you will not receive any booking requests for the activity, and will not be able to add any bookings. Instead, at check-in time, you will add the names of all attendees.

Booking Deadline

Optional data. If you want to set a booking deadline, click in the box ‘Booking Deadline’. A calendar will appear. Select the date using the calendar. Click on the symbols < and > to move through the months.

Some dates in the calendar will be greyed out: the System will not let you select a booking deadline of yesterday or earlier than yesterday. Or a deadline that is later than the walk’s Start Date.

Select the time of day using the Clock symbol below the calendar. If you don’t select a time, the default time will be 2 pm.

If you have ticked ‘No’ for ‘Do participants need to book?’, the System will not let you set a booking deadline.

Booking Deadlines are advisory; the System does not prevent someone from sending you a booking request after a booking deadline has passed.

Upload image of activity

Optional data. An attractive image will encourage people to come on your activity; you can also use it to convey information about the level of difficulty of the terrain.

To upload an image

  • Prepare the image using your local image software (eg Microsoft Paint) – the image maximum is 250 kb so you will probably need to resize it. It should be in landscape format. If it is in portrait format, it will appear distorted in What’s On.
  • Click in the box that contains the camera graphic.
  • This will open the file manager in your computer. Select an image.
  • The image will appear in the box.

Submitting your activity offer

For the actions Save, Submit and Reset, see the Activity Offer Form – Actions help page.

Frequently and infrequently asked questions

Q. Sometimes the message ‘This field is required’ appears briefly, even after I have correctly entered the relevant data.

A. If the message fades away quickly, ignore it. Our software developers were unable to prevent this brief appearance from happening in certain circumstances; they described it as ‘the nature of the program’.

Q. For an overseas trip, the ‘Travelling Date’ can be two of three days long. How do I express that?

A. The System does not cater for multi-day Travelling Dates. Partly because for overseas trips, participants often travel separately to the start of the activity. If you are proposing that participants fly out of Australia on a particular day, we suggest you enter the date of the first day of travel, so that the display in the Current Activities listing will look like this:

                (Fri 05) Mon 08 August 2016 – Thu 1 September 2016: Dolomites and the Haute Route

You can explain the detail in the Description.

Q. Can I enter a Travelling Date for travelling home at the end of the walk?

A. There is no special field for that; you will need to cover that in the Description area.

Q. I made a mistake in a date field, but I cannot correct it using the backspace key or delete key. How do I fix it?

A Click on the box  e.g. the box for ‘End Date of Activity’. A calendar will appear. Select the correct date on the calendar. In other words, you can only enter and change the content of date fields using the calendar. You can’t type directly into the fields. We designed the system this way to avoid format errors in the dates.

Q. I am a leader. In all my walks, my name does not appear correctly. (Maybe a short form appears or maybe just an email address.) I want my name to appear

A. Log in, open ‘My Profile’ and in the ‘Privacy area’ check your ‘Web name’. Make sure that your name appears in the ‘Web Name’ box.  Click on Submit.

Purple daisy and insects, January, Snowy Flat, Namadgi NP, by Mike Bremers

Purple daisy and insects, January, Snowy Flat, Namadgi NP, by Mike Bremers