Cancelling an activity

This page describes how to cancel an activity, and if you change your mind, how to un-cancel it. If your activity has not yet been approved, it cannot be cancelled – in that case, use Withdraw Offer instead.

To cancel an activity

  • Log in
  • Change ‘Member’ to ‘Leader’
  • Activity Management > Activity Status
  • In the displayed list, find the activity you want to cancel; you can only cancel an activity that has status Approved, Re-submitted or Update rejected, and has a Start Date in the future
  • Hit ‘Edit’; you will see a page headed ‘Edit Activity’
  • Scroll to the foot of the page; hit ‘Cancel Activity’.
  • A pop-up box will appear; you must enter data about your reason for cancelling the activity here (more detail below)
  • Submit the Comments

After you have hit Submit, you will be returned to the Activity Status page, and your activity will have status ‘Cancelled’.

Recording your reasons for cancelling an activity

The pop-up box that displays after you hit ‘Cancel activity’ requires you to select a ‘Main reason for cancellation’ and to add a Comment. The Club Committee uses the ‘Main reason for cancellation’ to analyse the statistics for cancelled activities, to see if there is anything the Club can do to help leaders avoid cancelling.

Your options for ‘Main reason for cancellation’ are:


Select this if a road or park closure is preventing your activity from going ahead, or if you were unable to gain permission from the owner of private property.

Booking numbers

Select this if you received an insufficient number of bookings.

Leader inability

Select this if you are ill or if some other commitment is preventing you from leading the activity.


Select this if you were unable to find enough drivers and vehicles, or encountered some other problem in arranging transport.


Select this if you are cancelling because of a Total Fire Ban or other bad weather forecast.


Select this if the main reason for your cancelling is not in the above list.

In the ‘Enter Comment’ field please type a short message to the participants. For example ‘My apologies, I have an unexpected family commitment, but I hope to re-schedule this walk next autumn’.

The System will automatically email all the people on your Trip List, informing them of the cancellation. The email will include your selected ‘Main reason’ and your ‘Comments’. So it is wise to frame your comments diplomatically.

Is there a chance you might want to un-cancel?

The pop-up box contains a warning: Cancelling will delete all bookings. If you wish to keep a record of the bookings, close this, go to Manage Bookings, download the Trip List and save it to your computer.

Some reasons you might want to save the Trip list are:

  • if there is a chance that circumstances might change, for instance if you are cancelling because of insufficient numbers, but would be willing to un-cancel if you received some sudden late bookings, or
  • if you are hoping to re-schedule the activity, and would like to be able to contact the people who booked originally.

Un-cancelling an activity

You may wish to un-cancel an activity, if for instance, you cancelled because there was an access issue but you were able to resolve the access issue.

To un-cancel an activity:

  • Clone the activity
  • Submit
  • Contact the Walks Secretary (or Assistant Walks Secretary or President) and ask them to ‘Approve’ urgently
  • Use Edit Bookings > Add Bookings to list the people who will be participating in the activity
  • Create and Submit the Trip List in the usual way.

These steps are inconvenient, but un-cancelling happens rarely and it would have made the System quite complex to provide a quick ‘Un-cancel and restore bookings’ type of option.

Cancelling an activity after the activity’s dates have passed

You should normally cancel the activity before the activity’s Start, so that the System can alert the participants by email to the cancellation, so that the Check-In officer knows what’s happening and so that the activity is correctly counted in the Club statistics as ‘cancelled’.

The System design will not let use the ‘Cancel’ command after an activity’s End Date, but if you miss that chance you can tidy up your activity records by using the same procedures as for reporting that no-one turned up at a no-need-to-book-activity. This will move the activity from your Current View to your Archived View.

Lambertia formosa, Blue Mts, by Karen Cody

Lambertia formosa, Blue Mts, by Karen Cody