Change of Committee – how to re-allocate Committee positions

Authorised users, such as the General Secretary or Membership Secretary, need to allocate Committee and other administrative roles to members. This most commonly occurs after elections at an Annual General Meeting.

Assigning a role to a new Committee member

Example: AGM elects a new Walks Sec. Outgoing Walks Secretary = Bill Smith. Incoming Walks Sec = Mary Jones.

The General Secretary or Membership Secretary or other authorised Committee member should follow these steps

  • User management
  • In the search box ‘Admin Role’, select Walks Secretary
  • The result will be the member record for Bill Smith
  • Use the drop-down box to change ‘Walks Secretary’ to ‘No admin role’

You have now de-assigned the role of Walks Secretary.

  • Search for the name ‘Mary Jones’
  • Use the drop-down box to change ‘No admin role’ to ‘Walks Secretary’.

You have now assigned the role of Walks Secretary to Mary.

What happens if one Committee member has two roles (eg Treasurer and Vice-President)?

The System does not permit two admin roles to be allocated to the same person – this would have been too complicated to program. Instead, we decided to use the procedure below, for the occasions when a Committee member has two roles.

One example of this is when, during the President’s absence, a Committee member takes on presidential responsibilities in addition to the Committee member’s regular responsibilities. In the past, this person was called ‘Vice-President’ i.e. someone could be simultaneously be Walks Secretary and Vice-President. Because of the System restriction on one person holding two roles, there are now three ways to manage such situations:

  • Create a new role for the occasion with a multi-function name e.g. ‘Walks Secretary and Acting President’
  • Create a new role ‘Acting President’; the relevant Committee member performs all their functions using that role name
  • Temporarily allocate presidential powers to the relevant Committee member.

To create a new role, or to temporarily increase a Committee member’s powers to presidential level, see the Help page on Role Management.


Q. I have allocated the role of Walks Secretary to Fred Bloggs. But when Fred changes ‘Member’ to ‘Walks Sec’ , the extra menu items that he should see, such as Reports Management, do not display on his screen.

A. Ask Fred what browser he is using. If it is Internet Explorer, ask him to try it again using another browser.