Edit bookings

The Edit Bookings page lists everyone who has asked to book on your activity. It shows their address and email, and if they have entered phone numbers, vehicle details and First Aid qualifications into their Profile, it shows that information as well. The page also shows whether each requestor is a member or a Guest and any comment that they included in their booking request.

For each booking request, you can approve, reject, waitlist, or cancel. You can also view the detail of a booking request and add a leader comment.


To accept a booking request

Hit the green thumbs-up. This changes the request status to ‘Approved’ and triggers an email telling the requestor that you have accepted their booking request. You cannot edit this email.

To reject a booking request

Hit the red thumbs down. A pop-up box will display and ask you to enter a reason for rejecting the booking request. You can enter anything here e.g. ‘More day walk experience advisable before you attempt a multi-day walk at tis grading’ or ‘As discussed’ – but you must enter something. The System will send an email to the requestor, telling them that their booking request has not been accepted, with your comment.

The rejected booking request stays on your bookings list, so you can see the history, but will not be included in the Trip List.

To waitlist a booking request

Hit the Clock icon. A pop-up box will display and ask you to enter a reason for waitlisting the booking request. You can enter anything here e.g. ‘Your booking is the 9th booking and the trip has a limit of 8’ or ‘As discussed’ – but you must enter something. The System will send an email to the requestor, telling them that their booking request has been waitlisted, with your comment.

To cancel a booking request

Hit the red X to cancel a booking request. Generally a requestor cancels their booking request themselves, if they need to. But occasionally a requestor will contact you outside the system and ask you to cancel it, so in those rare cases, you can use the red X to do so.

Cancellation by a leader is final. It cannot be reversed by the leader (unlike rejection of a booking request, which the leader can reverse if they wish) and it prevents the requestor from attempting to book on the activity again. This makes the red X a useful option if, as may very rarely occur, a requestor became unpleasantly insistent.

Bookings can be cancelled up until the Start Date. They cannot be cancelled on the Start Date. If someone cancels at the last minute e.g. on the morning of the walk, you should record them as a no-show i.e. ‘Attended = N’ on the check-in page.

If you are in doubt whether to Reject or Cancel a booking request, Reject it.

To view a requestor’s details

Hit the Magnifying Glass icon to View a requestor’s details. You can use this to see if the requestor has a second email address.

You cannot edit the requestor’s personal details. For example, requestor John Jones may have let you know outside the system that, though he usually can offer transport, his car will be out of action for the next 6 weeks. You cannot edit his ‘Vehicle’ information to reflect that. (We did consider allowing leaders to make that kind of edit but it would have led to unsynchronised data.) You can, however, note his lack of a vehicle in your ‘Leader Comments’.

To add a Leader Comment

Hit the Magnifying Glass icon. Scroll to the foot of the page. Enter your comment in the Leader comment box. Hit submit.

An example of a Leader Comment: ‘Phoned her 24/5 to discuss her walking experience; she will email me a list of her recent walks’.

Your comment is not visible to the requestor. It is only visible to you, your co-leaders, and authorised Committee members. However, your leader comments are included in the Trip List, and if you print the Trip List, others may see it. So it might be wise to phrase your comments diplomatically.

Once you have entered a leader comment, you cannot change it (a small oversight in our system design).

How up-to-date are a Requestor’s details?

The System takes a snapshot of a requestor’s details (e.g. contact details, vehicle details, and whether they are a Member or not) at the time they make their booking request. If the requestor updates their ‘My profile’ between the time they made the booking request and the actual date of the walk, the System does not update the details that you see in Manage Bookings.

Similarly, if someone’s membership expires between the time they make a booking request and the time they actually participate in the walk, the Manage Bookings pages will still show them as member = Y.

We considered getting the System to reflect the latest details and membership status of each requestor, but our developers told us that this would have led to data synchronisation problems.

It is thus a participant’s responsibility to consider, when they change their ‘My Profile’, whether they also need to convey that change to the leaders of any walks they have booked.  In the rare cases where this happens, the participant will need to contact the leader by phone or email. The leader has the option to note the change in ‘Leader comments’.

After editing your booking requests …

… your next step is to Create a Trip List.


Q. I have more bookings than my limit. How do I tell which people booked first?

A. In Manage Bookings > Edit Bookings, the Edit Booking Requests page has a column ‘Received’ which shows you the date the booking request was received. Or another way to tell is that the first booking request you received is at the bottom of the Edit Booking Requests list, and the booking request you received most recently is at the top.

Q. I rejected a booking request because the trip was full, but now I can fit the person in. Can I ‘un-reject’?

A. Yes. Use the green thumbs up icon.

Q. The requestor has sent a comment but it looks truncated on the Edit Booking Requests page. How can I see the full comment?

A. Hit the Magnifying Glass icon to view the request detail. Scroll to the foot of the page. The Requestor Comments will be displayed in a box. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the comment.

Q. Why are requestor and leader comments truncated with three dots in the ‘Edit Booking Requests’ screen?  I have to go to ‘View’ to read the full comment, which is a pain.

A. The software developers said that they needed to limit the total number of characters in each row of the Edit Booking Requests screen; otherwise the table-format display could go haywire. So the truncation is something we have to live with.

Boab tree and full moon, Carr Boyd Ranges, WA, by Lynette Finch

Image: Boab tree and full moon, Carr Boyd Ranges, WA, by Lynette Finch