Email templates

Through the menu item ‘Email management’, authorized Committee members can edit the emails that are generated by the System. For example, you could change the text of the Automatic email ‘Membership – Acknowledgment of application’ from ‘We aim to respond within a week’ to ‘We usually respond within a fortnight’.

Automatic and manual emails

Emails that are sent automatically by the System are called ‘Automatic’ in the ‘Distribution Type’ column. They are triggered by an action on the System, such as a leader cancelling an walk, or by the passage of time, such as the clock reaching 10 am the day after  a walk for which the leader has not checked in.

You can also create and edit templates for emails that are sent manually by an authorized user – these are most likely to be of use for recurring emails such as emails announcing the availability of the next issue of the newsletter. These templates are called ‘Manual’ in the Distribution Type column.

Editing an email template

To edit an email template:

  • Log in as a user with ‘Email management’ access
  • Email Management
  • Find the template in the list and hit ‘Edit’
  • Make the edit
  • Submit.

You can replace or delete most of the text in an email template. However, if the text contains anything in square brackets e.g. [REQUESTORNAME], do not touch it. If you edit anything in square brackets, you will notice a major change in the Web Manager’s usual peasant demeanour.

You will see several lines of icons at the top of the Email body box.  These icons allow you to italicize text, insert a link, expand the editing box and many other functions. There are more icons than we really wanted, but our developers explained that it was all or nothing. You can ignore these icons if you are typing a simple text message.

Selecting the address to appear as the email’s Sender

Use the down arrow to see a list of available sender addresses.

Emails can only be sent via the System from addresses on the Club’s server. If you want a new address to appear in the drop-down list:

  • Ask the Club’s Web Manager to set up a new address and password on the Club’s server
  • Role Management
  • Find, or create a new, role
  • Edit the Email address and password
  • Submit.


Q. As a Committee Member, I want to send an email to all members. Why can’t I do that via ‘Email Management’?

A. The first step in sending an email to all members, or a group of members, is to create an up-to-date list of members. This is done via Reports Management. Our developers thought it would be simpler to have the ‘Send Email’ function as part of Reports Management.

Q. When the System sends me emails about check-ins and membership matters, it often sends them twice

A. We’re sorry – we had to put the multiple-emails bug into the too-hard basket. We are not sure if the cause is in the software or is due to some kind of slowness on the server that hosts our site.

Rainforest at Sandy Creek Falls, Morton NP

Rainforest at Sandy Creek Falls, Morton NP