Export Activity List

This function is mainly used by the Club’s newsletter editor to copy activity data from the web site in a format suitable for inserting into the Club’s newsletter.


  • Log in as a Committee member authorised to use Export Activity List
  • On the green menu, hit Export Activity List
  • In the Title box, enter the file name you want to use for this list e.g. ‘Activities May 2018’
  • Select a Start Date e.g. 1st May 2018. Note – the System will extract all activities from the Start Date onwards; you cannot specify an End Date.
  • Select an Output format – PDF or CSV. Newsletter editors will usually select PDF. A Committee Member who wishes to analyse listed activities may prefer CSV.
  • Hit the blue ‘Export’ button.
  • The System will download a file of the activities to your computer. The System itself does not store the file.

We did not get the exported format quite prefect – you may need to edit out the occasional duplicated full stop, or an empty ‘Other leaders’ field, when you are preparing the data for the newsletter.


Q I want the activities data to be in Microsoft Word format. How do I get that?

A Export it as a PDF. Use your local software e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader (File > Save as Other > Microsoft Word) to convert the file to Word.

Wildflower, Thorsbourne Trail, Hinchinbrook

Wildflower, Thorsbourne Trail, Hinchinbrook