Font size and special characters

Font size too small?

If you find the font size too small, try ‘CTRL +’ a few times until the text is larger.

If that does not work, look around your screen for your browser’s Zoom function. If you can’t find the Zoom function, try a web search e.g. ‘How to zoom in Safari’ and follow the steps listed.

Inputting special characters

The system does not accept accented and special characters, such as á é í ó ú ñ  ê à œ ü, in personal names.

Characters in the membership application form

The name fields in the membership application form will not accept commas.

Characters in the Activity Offer form

A quirk of the system: iIn some fields in the activity offer form: (Activity name, Map name, Activity limit, Ascent, Descent, Terrain and Length) a double quotation character (“) and all characters following are discarded by the system. If you want to put something in quotes, use ‘single quotes’ instead.

Escaped characters

Escaped characters in this system are:  ‘ (apostrophe), \ (backslash) and ” (double quote).  The escape character is \ (backslash). This can affect the display of the escaped characters in some contexts.

Ferns in a canyon near Dargan, Blue Mountains NP

Ferns in a canyon near Dargan, Blue Mountains NP