Forgot password

If you forget your password:

  • On the Home Page, go to LOGIN.
  • Hit the ‘Forgot password’ option.
  • Enter your User name (= the email address you entered as Email Address 1 on your membership application form).
  • Submit.

The System will email you a new password.

The new password will probably not be easy to remember. You may want to login in using the system-generated password, and then change your password.


Q. When I enter my User name, the System says ‘Invalid email address’

A. Check your typing. Check that Caps Lock is off. Try your alternate email address, if you have one. If all that fails, contact the Membership Secretary, who can update your email address for you.

Q. I used Forgot Password and when the email containing the new system-generated password arrived, I could not copy and paste the password into the login screen. It’s a pain to re-type.

A. It’s a security feature. You have to re-type it.

Kapok flower, Slatey Creek, Cockburn Ranges, WA

Kapok flower, Slatey Creek,  Cockburn Ranges, WA