Getting started as a leader

The activity life cycle

In summary, the main stages of the usual activity life cycle are:

  • Leader offers activity
  • Activity is accepted by the Walks Secretary
  • Leader accepts or rejects bookings
  • Leader submits Trip List
  • Leader checks in i.e. reports the completion of an activity
  • And optionally, leader posts a Trip Report.

You will manage all these stages via the menu item ‘Activity Management’.

Log in and start managing your activities

After you login, your ‘Dashboard’ will open. On a desk-top computer, you will see your name, upper left, and below it, ‘Member’.  On a smart phone, hit the hamburger menu, and you will see your name and ‘Member’.

Hit the down arrow next to ‘Member’. You will see a drop-down list containing ‘Member’ and ‘Leader’. Select ‘Leader’.

Your dashboard page will refresh – this may take a few seconds. The menu item ’Activity Management’ will now display towards the foot of the green menu.

Hit Activity Management. Three sub-menu items will appear: Offer Activity, Activity Status and Manage Bookings.

Offer Activity

Use this to create an activity offer – a form into which you type the activity name, date, description and other data about the activity. You can save it as a draft or send it to the Walks Secretary for approval.

Activity Status

Use Activity Status to see a list of your current (i.e. upcoming) activities and to see whether the Walks Secretary has approved them or not. You can also edit an activity here, or cancel it. After you have checked-in an activity, it will appear in your ‘Archived activities’ and you can add a Trip Report. And later, if you want to repeat the activity, you can ‘Clone’ it.

Manage Bookings

Use Manage Bookings to see the booking requests that you have received, to accept or reject a booking request, and to add a booking request if someone has approached you outside the System.

Once you have decided whether to accept or reject each booking request, you can submit a Trip List. The Trip List will be visible to the the Committee Members who monitor activities and respond to delays or emergencies.

After the activity is completed, use Manage Bookings to check-in i.e. to report whether the activity finished safely, to record any no-shows, and to add the names of anyone you might have accepted at the meeting point.

Ready to start?

Hit Offer Activity and start entering data. Any problems, try the Activity offer form – data help page, or contact the Walks Secretary.


Trigger Plant near Mt. Franklin, Namadgi NP, by Mike Bremers

Trigger Plant near Mt. Franklin, Namadgi NP, by Mike Bremers