Manage bookings – overview

Use the Manage Bookings page to see the booking requests that you have received, to accept or reject a booking request, to add a booking request if someone has approached you outside the System

Once you have decided whether to accept or reject each booking request, you can create and submit a Trip List. The Trip List will be visible to the the Committee Members who monitor activities and respond to delays or emergencies.

After the activity is completed, you can use Manage Bookings to record any no-shows, add the names of anyone you might have accepted at the meeting point, and to check-in.

Like the Activity Status page, the Manage Bookings page has two views – current and archived, and there are a range of ways in which you can search the activities on the page.


Q. Why are my ‘Edit Bookings’ and ‘Edit Trip List’ action buttons greyed out?

A. Probably because the end-date of the activity has passed. If it has passed, the system prevents you from editing the list of booking requests or editing the trip list that you submitted to the Check-in Officer because (a) that would be like changing history and (b) if a person blames you because they broke their leg on your walk, removing them in hindsight from the Trip List might be creative, but it would be rather unethical.

Q. What’s the difference between a Member, a Registered Guest and an Unregistered User?

A. A Member is someone who has completed a membership application form, paid their fee and been approved. A Registered Guest is someone who has made an online Booking Request for at least one Club activity, but has not applied for membership. An Unregistered User is anyone else – usually someone who has turned up at a no-need-to-book walk.

Waterlily, Drysdale River National Park, by Lorraine Tomlins

Image: Waterlily, Drysdale River National Park, by Lorraine Tomlins