Membership Application form

Postal Address

This is the address that the Club will use if we ever had to write to you formally.

Pick-up Address

This is the street address at which you would like to be picked up, if a leader has arranged for someone else to drive you to an activity. Note that, if you book on a Club activity, the activity leader will see this address unless your privacy preferences prevent that.

If your Pick-Up Address is the same as your Postal Address, hit ‘Same as Postal Address’.

Phone numbers

These are not required fields, but please include at least one, so that a Leader can contact you if there are any last-minute changes to an activity that you are booked on.

You can format the phone numbers however you like – with or without spaces or brackets – but the number must contain no more than 15 characters.

Email Address 1

This is a required field. The Club’s main form of communication with members is via emails. The System will copy your Email address into the User Name field.

Emergency contact

If an activity is severely delayed, the Club’s Check-In officer may use this information to keep your Emergency Contact person informed. We may also provide this information to the Police, in an emergency. If you wish, you may enter only a given name, in ‘Name’.  You can format the phone numbers however you like – with or without spaces or brackets – but the number must contain no more than 15 characters.

Qualifying Walk

Enter here any Club activity that you have completed. You do not have to get the activity name exactly right. For instance ‘Toddle Orroral’ will do instead of ‘Toddlers Toddle Orroral River’, but please try to get the date correct.

The Club does not require the Qualifying Walk to be of any particular grade.

Nominated by and Seconded by

Enter here the names of any two members who are willing to be your Nominator and Seconder. Usually the leader of your Qualifying Walk will be happy to be your Nominator. If you don’t know a Seconder, ask the Nominator or the Membership Secretary to suggest someone.


This part of the form contains a number of options to allow you to limit the use of your personal information. Whatever options you choose, the Club Committee Members with responsibilities related to Members will be able to view all the data you entered into this form.

The privacy options include the option to use a ‘web name’ i.e. a pseudonym such as ‘Banksia83’.

Emailed alerts

Here you can turn on and off emailed alerts for various types of Club activities.

About Me

All optional, but we would encourage you to enter the details of any vehicle that you might drive to an activity. This does not commit you to driving – it just helps the Leader know whether they can ask if you would be willing to drive.

The person with this User Name (=Email) may make booking requests on my behalf

See separate Help page Booking for another person.

Upload your image

Optional, but it does help Leaders recognise you when you make a booking request. After you upload the image, please crop it to approximately a square – by clicking on the image and dragging the dotted rectangle into a square shape. Then hit ‘Save image’.

If, when you crop the image, the image becomes severely distorted, try cropping the image to roughly the right shape in your local image software (eg Microsoft Paint) and then uploading it again.

Conditions of Membership

The attached risks and obligations statement is important. Please ensure you read it.


Choose a payment method:

  • Online: gives you the option to pay by your Paypal account, or by credit or debit card. (Credit and Debit cards payments are processed by Paypal but do not require you to have a Paypal account.)
  • Offline: gives you the option to pay by cheque, cash or bank transfer. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please send the fee to the Club’s account at Westpac, BSB 032719, Account Number 176134; please include your surname in the transaction reference.

If your browser is Internet Explorer, you cannot pay by credit card or PayPal. Please select ‘Offline payment’ instead (or consider upgrading your browser to Microsoft Edge or another browser).


Please copy the numbers into the box. Try ‘CTRL +’ to zoom, if you have trouble reading the numbers. Or hit ‘New’ to get a new set of numbers which may be easier to read.


After submitting your application you should receive an on-screen acknowledgment and an emailed acknowledgment.

Infrequently-asked questions

Q. I am trying to fill in the Emergency Contact name with ‘Jim Jones, brother’ but I keep getting a message ‘Letters, spaces and punctuation only’.

A. Just type ‘Jim Jones – brother’. It will accept the dash. We did not think this was worth fixing.

Q. Why can’t I get my browser’s auto-fill function to work on the membership application form?

A. Auto-fill was not working or was filling in fields incorrectly, so we decided the simplest solution was to turn it off from our side.

Alpine flowers, near the Sentinel, KNP, by Mike Bremers

Alpine flowers, near the Sentinel, KNP, by Mike Bremers