Renewal and expiry

This help page provides information on renewal and expiry from the Membership Secretary’s point of view. See help page Renewing membership for a view of the renewal process from a member’s point of view.


A member can renew at any time, for example a day after their due date or several years after their due date. Guests, however, cannot extend their guest status after their 12 month period has finished.

Members and guests receive system-generated reminder emails at 28 days and 7 days before their 12 month period is up. If a member does not renew, or a guest does not apply for membership, by their due date, they receive a system-generated email telling them their membership or guest status has expired.

What happens if a member sends in a new application, when they should have renewed?

The applicant will have used a different email address to the email address recorded for the member – otherwise the system will have said ‘This email already exists’ when they tried to fill in the online application form.

If the Membership Secretary is uncertain whether the applicant is the same person as an existing member, the Membership Secretary can choose to treat the applicant as a new person, or do some detective work.

If the Membership Secretary chooses to do some detective work, and decides that the applicant is the same person as the member, the Membership Secretary should contact the person and offer them this choice:

  • ‘You can log in using your former email address and password (or select Forgot password). On your Dashboard page, select Renew my membership which is in the green panel on the left. When you have done that, please let me know and I will delete your Membership Application’, or
  • You can do nothing. In that case I will process your Membership Application and I will delete your old Membership record. If you choose this option, you will lose your My History data from your earlier time with the Club.

Re-assuring note: Any membership record that is ‘deleted’ does not disappear. It just goes into the ‘Past view’ of the membership database. It can be un-deleted by the Mem Sec.

If the person prefers the first optionbut cannot access their old email address, the Membership Secretary should, via User Management, View/Edit action, change the person’s Email Address1 to the person’s new email address. The person can then use ‘Forgot password’.

When developing the system, we looked into whether the Membership Secretary, if really keen, could manually copy data from the new application into the old membership record and then delete the applicant. Some of this was feasible. The Mem Sec can update the old membership record with, say, new vehicle details. And the Mem Sec can change ‘Unpaid’ to ‘Paid’ on the old membership record via ‘Add Fee Receipt’. But changing to ‘Paid’ does not change an Expired Status to Approved. It is not possible for a Mem Sec to ‘un-expire’ a user, and it seemed over the top to ask the developers to provide an ‘un-expire’ action for the Mem Sec. (The only way a Mem Sec can ‘un-expire’ a member would be to ask the member for their password, and then do the Renewal process on the Member’s behalf). This all seemed too complicated. So we decided to stick with just the options (a) and (b) above.


Each user’s expiry date is displayed in User Management. Institutional Members and Life Members never expire. All other users expire after 12 months.

After a member renews, the System calculates a new expiry date, using these rules:

  • If the renewal date is earlier than the expiry date, new expiry date = old expiry date plus 12 months
  • If the renewal date is later than the expiry date, the new expiry date = renewal date + 12 months.

LINDA TO TEST above rules

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I un-expire someone?

A. No – the System does not permit an admin user to ‘un-expire’ a user. The developers considered that this could lead to logic issues. The only way for a user to become un-expired is for a member to renew their membership, or for a guest to apply for membership. It may be possible for a programmer to un-expire a user, with care.

Q. Can I set the expiry date to a new date?

A. No – the System does not allow an admin user to change the Expiry date. The developers considered that this could lead to logic issues. It may be possible for a programmer to set a new expiry date for a user, with care.