Renewing membership

The Club’s membership period is 12 months from the date a new member is approved, or 12 months from an existing member’s expiry date.

You can renew any time from 28 days before renewal is due, and any time after renewal is due. You will receive two email alerts – 28 days and 7 days before renewal is due.

Steps to renew your membership

  • Log in
  • Hit ‘Renew my membership’
  • You will see a page displaying your name, address etc. Please amend any information that has become out of date. If you are unsure of the meaning or purpose of any of the information, check the help page for the membership application form.
  • Choose a payment method:
    • Online: gives you the option to pay by your Paypal account, or by credit or debit card. (Credit and Debit cards payments are processed by Paypal but do not require you to have a Paypal account.)
    • Offline: gives you the option to pay by cheque, cash or bank transfer. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please send the fee to the Club’s account at Westpac, BSB 032719, Account Number 176134; please include your surname in the transaction reference.
  • After you have renewed, you will notice that the ‘Membership expires on’ date on your Dashboard will have changed to next year.

Any problems – please contact the Membership Secretary.


Q. I want to renew my membership but there are red circles over all the options in the Payment section.

A. Check your expiry date (on your dashboard, near your statistics). It is probably more than 28 days away. You cannot renew until your expiry date is 28 days or less from today. The red circles are there to prevent you from spending money unnecessarily!

Q. It is 1st March. My membership expires on 15th March. If I renew today, will my new expiry date be 1st or 15th March, next year

A. It will be 15th March.

Eucalypt sap, Stockyard Spur, by Mike Bremers

Eucalypt sap, Stockyard Spur, by Mike Bremers