Sending an email to Club members or guests

Sending emails is part of the Reports Management function. Club officers with ‘Reports Management’ as one of their menu items can send emails to members and guests.

To send a one-off email

  1. Log in as an authorised Club officer
  2. Reports Management
  3. In the list of reports, find the report that covers the target group e.g. ‘Current members and life members’ or ‘Current leaders’. If there is not suitable report, create one.
  4. Hit ‘Send Email’ (blue button in the Action column)
  5. You will see a page headed ‘Send Email’
  6. Hit the button for ‘Create new email’
  7. In ‘Sender Email’ select the address for the sender, using the down arrow
  8. Type in the subject, and body of the email. The many icons permit you to add an image, insert a link, etc. If you are sending plain text, ignore these icons.
  9. Hit the blue button ‘Send Email’, or use your back arrow if you want to exit
  10. You will see an on-screen message ‘The emails are now being sent. You may continue working or log out.’
  11. Some minutes later – allow up to 20 minutes – the System will send an email to the sender, with the subject line ‘Your email [subject of the email] has been sent to all recipients’. For example, if you had selected as the sender for an email ‘ Request for summer walks’, the System will, as the last email it distributes, send an email to with the subject ‘Your email Request for summer walks has been sent to all recipients’. That way, the Walks Secretary knows that the distribution has finished.

To send an email using a template

If you send regular emails with similar content e.g. an email telling members that the next issue of the newsletter is now available, you may wish to use a template, to save typing. To do this:

  • Log in as an authorised Club officer
  • Email Management
  • In the list of templates, find the template you want, or create a new one.
  • Update the template e.g. by changing last month’s text to this month’s – maybe ‘November’ to ‘December’
  • Submit
  • Reports Management
  • Follow step 3 above, and subsequent steps.

If you think it is quicker to re-type the email each time, you can send regular emails as one-off emails each time – using templates is just an option.


Q. How do I know to whom the System has sent my email?

A. You can, either before or just after you send the email, Prepare the report with ‘Custom dates’ empty; you can then look through the report to see who is listed.

Q. I want to send an email to just one person, from the sender address rather than from my personal email address. Can I type in the recipient’s address?

A. You can’t add a recipient’s email address in this system. But you can send an email from a committee address to a particular person via our server host site; contact the Web Manager to find out how to do that.






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Reflections, Sandy Creek, Morton National Park