View and search member list

This option is available to current members, from the ‘green’ menu on the left of the member’s Dashboard.


The sort order in the Member List is alphabetically by Last Name, First Name.

Effect of privacy options

Some members appear under their Web name, rather than their real name. This is because the member has entered a ‘Web Name’ in the privacy section of ‘My profile’. If a user has chosen a Web Name, their entry will display where their real name would have appeared. For instance, if Member Mary Smith has chosen ‘Acacia’ as her Web Name, her entry will appear in the S section, not in the A section.

In the list, the details or some members do not display in full. This is because some members have used the privacy options in ‘My Profile’ to restrict the display.


You can search for a Member by entering their Last name or their First Name, or any part of their name. For instance, if you enter ‘James’ it would retrieve Anna James, James Robertson and Mary Jameson.


Q. I can’t find a member on the list.

A. Possible reasons are:

  • the person is a guest, not a member
  • the person was a member but did not renew
  • the person has chosen to use a Web name and you are searching on their real name
  • the person has an apostrophe in their name; the software developers were not able to provide searches that included apostrophes ‘for database reasons’; try searching on another word in the person’s name.

Q. I want to contact person x. Their name is on the list but their phone number and email address don’t display.

A. Contact the Membership Secretary, who will ask you to provide your own contact details. The Membership Secretary will then give the person your contact details and let them know that you are trying to contact them.

Or if you want to contact a leader about a particular walk, you can use the Inquiry button on the activity detail page. You don’t need to know a leader’s contact details in order to send them an inquiry.

Billy Button, Kangaroo Ridge KNP by Mike Bremers

Billy Button, Kangaroo Ridge KNP, by Mike Bremers