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From February 2016 – ACT’s Percys

Like views from high hills? This ongoing incentive program encourages you to visit the ACT peaks over 1000 metres, which include many of the best vantage points in the ACT. Some are not as easy as you might think, as a ‘bag’ requires you to touch the highest point of the feature.

There are 68 peaks on the ACT list, and 111 possible points. The 68 peaks are referred to as ‘Percies’ after local pioneering surveyor Percy Sheaffe in the same way that there are ‘Abels’ in Tasmania and ‘Munros’ in the UK.  Peaks are divided into eight ‘districts’.

In all cases the highest point must be touched, regardless of the spot height on the map.  Repeat ascents do not count.

It’s an honour system: keep your own tally.

View from Bimberi, the highest peak in the ACT, by Llewellyn Sibley

Image: View from Mt. Bimberi, the highest of the ‘Percies’, by Llewellyn Sibley