In a nutshell

Quick facts

  • Founded: 1961
  • Members: around 370 personal & 10 institutional
  • ABN: 33 895 935 978
  • Incorporated association number: A00336
  • Club bank account (for membership payments): Westpac, BSB 032719, Account Number 176134
  • Member club of Bushwalking NSW.


Our main activity  is bushwalking (aka hiking, tramping). We also offer canoeing, canyoning, caving, conservation work parties, cross-country skiing, cycling, geocaching, liloing, and social activities. Check out our Facebook page to see what we’ve been doing lately.

Our Club profile

These are the things that characterise our Club, and in some cases differentiate us from other groups, such as meet-up walking groups:

  • A very wide range of levels of difficulty – from easy urban rambles and walks suitable for families with toddlers, to multi-day expeditions in rough and remote areas in Australia and overseas
  • Training program – an annual series of training sessions in navigation and occasional other training sessions, such as river-crossing. To see a list of upcoming training opportunities, go to Current Activities, select ‘Activity Type – Training’ and hit Search.
  • A strong emphasis on safety; for example:
    • we vet all our leaders
    • most of our activities require pre-booking, so that new participants and leaders have the opportunity to discuss the difficulty of a walk
    • we have a formal procedure for checking that trips have returned safely
    • we subsidise first aid training for active members
  • A modest annual membership fee (currently $33)
  • Non-members are welcome on our activities, with the agreement of the activity leader (though after 3 activities we start to drop heavy hints about joining).
  • Participants are covered by our Club’s public liability insurance
  • We hold monthly meetings with guest speakers, often about bushwalking in unusual places; all welcome
  • Our activity program is open for all to see, on our web site
  • Our web site allows online booking, tracking of ‘My History’ and other cool stuff
  • A sense of history. The Club archives are held at the ACT Heritage Library, Woden. Back copies of the Club’s newsletter ‘It’ are held at the ACT Heritage Library and the National Library of Australia. The Club’s web site is archived by the National Library.
Hannels Spur and blue ridges by Mike Bremers
View from Hannels Spur, by Mike Bremers