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Early morning walk, A.C.T., by Alison Milton

This page lists the Club’s forms used by leaders, and guidelines for leading activities. Though aimed at leaders, the guidelines contain useful information for all Club members – for instance, good advice on how to walk safely in alpine conditions or fire-danger weather.

Instructions to help leaders use the Club’s software are not listed here; they are available under the Help for leaders section of the Help with this website page.


Risk form

This version of the form is for all activities except Wednesday Walks. Leaders must require each adult participant to sign. Adults accompanying children should also sign on behalf of the children.

Risk form for Wednesday walks

Leaders must require each adult participant to sign. Adults accompanying children should also sign on behalf of the children.

Incident report form

To report an injury requiring, or likely to require. medical attention, or an incident

Emergency information sheet

To keep in your first aid kit; contains advice and a form for recording an injured person’s condition.

General guidelines and advice


Criteria for grading a walk’s length and terrain.

Guidelines for leaders

Guidelines on preparing for a trip, writing a walk description, and dealing with problems. Plus information ion duty of care and insurance.

Minimal impact bushwalking

How to tread lightly in natural areas.

Transport pooling guidelines

The formula for calculating transport costs, and guidelines on arranging shared transport.

Guidelines and advice for specific conditions

Air rescue

A checklist for occasions that require air rescue, in PDF format for printing and carrying in your first aid kit.

Alpine conditions

Preparation, gear and strategies to manage the risks of activities in alpine areas.

Fire danger and hot weather

Preparation, when to cancel, Total Fire Bans, list of types of places to seek refuge.

River crossings

Assessing a river, preparing your pack, footwear and clothes for a crossing, solo and team crossing techniques, swimming with a pack.

Unexploded ordnance

Advice for walkers planning to visit former military training areas, especially the former Tianjara Military Training Area in the Budawangs.

Other guidelines and advice

Guidelines for registration as a leader

Guidelines to assist the Walks Secretary in assessing potential leaders.


Notes from training sessions on use of a GPS, and a link to information about the Club’s book ‘Finding your way in the bush’ by George Carter.

Personal locator beacons provided by the Club

Procedures for borrowing the Club’s two PLBs, which are available free of charge.

Prospective walk leaders notes

These training notes cover similar content to Guidelines for Leaders, but from a more practical perspective, and include advice ranging from introducing participants to each other, to keeping up morale.

Wednesday walks

As an interclub activity, Wednesday Walks have special rules.

Links for leaders

Bureau of Meteorology beta site

You can search by place name (eg Mount Ginini, Monga) and see forecasts for 3-hourly periods over the coming 7 days

ACT emergency incidents map

A map of the ACT, updated by the ACT Emergency services agency, of current incidents, including fires and motor accidents. Click to see an incident’s status.

ACT park closures

The ACT government’s Find a Park page will display a banner alert if there are any park closures in the ACT.

NPWS Park alerts.

A list of national parks, nature reserves and conservation areas in NSW that are closed or have other restrictions.

Fires near me.

A map of NSW, updated by the NSW Rural Fire Service, of active fires. Click to see a fire’s status eg ‘Out of control’.

ACTMapi land custodianship

A map of the ACT showing public and private property in different colours. To interpret the colours, use ‘I want to .. change visible layers’ and then the ‘hamburger’ icon (horizontal lines) to see the legend.

Six Maps

Search by place name in NSW and, via the ‘Map Contents’ and ‘Basemaps’ buttons, see park and property boundaries.

Image: Early morning walk, A.C.T, by Alison Milton