Software history

Early 1970s.  The Club’s membership list was kept on paper cards.

About 1975. The first activity statistics were compiled manually by Terry Jordan.

About 1982. Membership Secretary Alan Vidler entered the membership data into his new Osborne PC, with 65 k of memory, running dBase II. The first and main purpose of the membership database was to produce printed mailing labels for the Club newsletter It.

About 1985. Alan Vidler moved the membership database to his new Taiwanese PC, with 1 mb of memory, running dBase II

About 1989. Alan Vidler added activity statistics to the membership database. From looking through past copies of Its, he entered in retrospective activity data. The activity statistics covered walks and leaders; participants were not included.

About 1993. Alan Vidler added participation statistics to the activity statistics for about 6 months. He then, directed by the Committee, deleted all the participation statistics to avoid what the Committee considered to be an invasion of members’ privacy.

About 2003. The membership database moved from dBase II to Microsoft Access.

[Date to be supplied]. The Club’s first web site was set up, designed by David Briese. It allowed members to apply and renew online and it included a membership list, accessible to members only, and current and past Its. The Club purchased the A-member software to manage memberships.

2014. The Club Committee investigated options for a new web site that would support online booking and other functions and be mobile-friendly. A statement of requirements was prepared.

July 2015. After considering offers from over 20 companies, the Club selected Zealous System, an Indian software development company, to develop the software.

2015-2017. The following Club members helped with testing or advice on the software project: Christine Allen, Mike Baker, Jeff Bennetts, David Briese, Maude Caruana, Robin Cayzer, Julie Anne Clegg, Karen Cody, Irene Davies, Michael de Raadt, Janet Duncan, Roger Edwards, John Evans, Jocelyn Fitzhardinge, Doug Gordon, Brett Goyne, David Hatherly, Meredith Hatherly, Meg McKone, Andrew Meers, Quentin Moran, Lisa Quilter, Terrylea Reynolds, Llewellyn Sibley, Phillip Starr, Jenny Stewart, Keith Thomas, Lorraine Tomlins, Alan Vidler, David Williams, Yvonne Wisbey, Gabrielle Wright, Ian Wright and Tim Wright. Testing was co-ordinated by Linda Groom.

3 November 2017. The new software was implemented. The software was developed by Shailesh Bist (project manager), Sanjay Vaghela (technical leader), Suman Rathore (quality control), Jay Patel (programmer) and other Zealous staff.

Frog with former web site

Club frog with the xxxx – 2017 web site

Zealous team with frogs, June 2017

The Zealous team June 2017 with CBC frogs. On the left: Sanjay Vaghela (front), Jay Patel (middle) and Juned Sabaliya (back). On the right: Shailesh Bist (back), Suman Rathore (middle) and Deep Borse (front).